Star Trek: The Next Generation

Contribute To Restore The Enterprise D's Bridge, Get Star Trek Collectibles

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OK, so you probably don't need more Trek junk, but it's money that goes to saving the Enterprise.

you're probably going to cry

The Enterprise-D's Shoddy Treatment Will Make Your Childhood Cry

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Hey, remember that TV show that made a lot of money and is profoundly beloved? Yeah, Paramount punched it in the crotch. Again.


Worf Wants You To Pay Him To Get Romantic

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Poor Worf. Michael Dorn is tired of doing the dumb sci-fi stuff and wants to make a romantic comedy, but because us dumb sci-fi fans are the only people who know who Michael Dorn is, he's set up a Kickstarter project called "Through The Fire - Life After Star Trek"...

Star Trek: The Next Generation

So The ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Blu-Rays Look Awesome

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Star Trek: The Next Generation has literally been rebuilt from the ground up.

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Two Actors Who Played Hated TV Characters Star In A Skit About Being Hated

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Wesley Crusher: "Where's Carl?" Carl Grimes: "Shut up, Wesley."


IDW's Got More "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Coming

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This is about as close to a new episode or movie of "The Next Generation" we're going to get out of Paramount: it's being written by Brannon Braga, and it's designed to <a href="">actually finish off the Borg in an awesome way</a>, instead of the wet fart that was the Voyager finale.

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25 Great Ideas for a New Star Trek TV Series

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-65932"></a>The recent J.

Wil Wheaton

Star Trek: The Next Generation is 25-Years-Old. Celebrate With this Awesome Panel Featuring the Entire Cast

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So, the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation (including Wesley) recently reunited in honor of TNG's 25th anniversary (yes, TNG is 25 years old) in Calgary.


TV GIFs of the Week

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In the spirit of last night's Academy Awards: Dean.

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Dor Sho Gha! Worf Just Can't Catch A Break.

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On Star Trek: The Next Generation, nobody ever listened to Worf, their Chief of Security.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Hilarious Brent Spiner Convention Videos


People tend to think of Brent Spiner as an emotionless android, but his background is in comedy doing appearances on shows like "Night Court".

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An Awesome Wedding Proposal, Shell Game Cat, and Links


For the troops:  Comics Care Package #7 [<a href="">Geektress</a>] PBS.

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Wesley Snipes Could Have Been On Star Trek

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<a href="">Blastr</a> found a memo from 1987 that was supposedly sent to Paramount's Head of Network TV, filled with casting suggestions for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Choose Your Own TV Adventure

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The Something Awful forums are always an excellent way to waste time, and I found the <a href="" target="_blank">Choose Your Own Adventure Books That Never Quite Made It</a> series of Photoshops to be a delight, since Choose Your Own Adventure books were how kids wasted time before the Internet existed.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

This Guy Gets Mad Tail

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This handsome young ladykiller took a break from breaking hearts to compose lyrics to the theme from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (his angelic tenor begins at the :50 mark).

Star Trek: The Next Generation


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This video is a compilation of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" scenes taken out of context to sound like sexual innuendos.

Star Trek: The Next Generation


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You ever notice how every law enforcement agency on TV and the movies is able to solve crimes by enhancing grainy footage.

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It looks like Worf's kid might be getting a new five-year mission: exploring strange new prisons and trying to avoid going where no shiv has gone before.

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