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Guess Who Put The Kibosh On A ‘Star Trek’ TV Series Starring Worf

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Michael Dorn says a 'Star Trek' TV series was in the works which would focus on Worf, his Klingon character from TNG and DS9.


You Will Believe A Klingon Can Giggle: New 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Blooper Reel


Paramount released a blooper reel for the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Season Four Blu-ray release.

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10 Star Trek Episodes That Could Be Made Into Movies That Would Satisfy Old And New Trekkies Alike

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A third Star Trek movie is inevitable. They should look toward these episodes for inspiration...

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A Thing You Probably Didn’t Notice: Riker Sits Down Like A Crazy Person

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How did I never notice Riker doesn't know how to use a chair?

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'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Season Three Is Back On Blu-Ray

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Arguably the best Trek series is on Blu-Ray, and it looks amazing. But the extras are actually even better.


The Wil Wheaton Story That Will Make You Sob In Your Cheerios

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Wil Wheaton's touching Facebook story will restore your faith in mankind.


Engage With Some ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ GIFs

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Arguably the greatest Trek series ever made, in GIF form.


Klingons Give The Best Hugs: GIFs And Videos Of ‘Star Trek’ Bloopers

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A 'Star Trek' fan has compiled over 40 minutes of outtakes and bloopers from nearly five decades of the 'Star Trek' franchise, and we have GIFs as well.


New ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Gag Reel Is Patrick Stewart Levels Of Awesomeness

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Star Trek fans, meet Data on Acid, in amusing "Next Generation" gag reel.

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Contribute To Restore The Enterprise D's Bridge, Get Star Trek Collectibles

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OK, so you probably don't need more Trek junk, but it's money that goes to saving the Enterprise.

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The Enterprise-D's Shoddy Treatment Will Make Your Childhood Cry

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Hey, remember that TV show that made a lot of money and is profoundly beloved? Yeah, Paramount punched it in the crotch. Again.


Worf Wants You To Pay Him To Get Romantic

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Poor Worf. Michael Dorn is tired of doing the dumb sci-fi stuff and wants to make a romantic comedy, but because us dumb sci-fi fans are the only people who know who Michael Dorn is, he's set up a Kickstarter project called "Through The Fire - Life After Star Trek"...

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So The ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Blu-Rays Look Awesome

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Star Trek: The Next Generation has literally been rebuilt from the ground up.

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Two Actors Who Played Hated TV Characters Star In A Skit About Being Hated

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Wesley Crusher: "Where's Carl?" Carl Grimes: "Shut up, Wesley."


IDW's Got More "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Coming

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This is about as close to a new episode or movie of "The Next Generation" we're going to get out of Paramount: it's being written by Brannon Braga, and it's designed to actually finish off the Borg in an awesome way, instead of the wet fart that was the Voyager finale.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation is 25-Years-Old. Celebrate With this Awesome Panel Featuring the Entire Cast

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So, the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation (including Wesley) recently reunited in honor of TNG's 25th anniversary (yes, TNG is 25 years old) in Calgary.


TV GIFs of the Week

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In the spirit of last night's Academy Awards: Dean.

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Dor Sho Gha! Worf Just Can't Catch A Break.

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On Star Trek: The Next Generation, nobody ever listened to Worf, their Chief of Security.

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