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‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Season Eight Could Have Been So Amazing With These Plotlines


Here are the plotlines we wish 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' could have covered, replete with Geordi/Data hijinks and Riker sexiness.

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‘Riker Googling’ Finally Exposes The Sexy Search History Of Star Trek’s Number One


A new Twitter account reveals the perverted, hilarious Google search history of Commander Will Riker from 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'.


'The Worf Of Wall Street' Is A Most Honorable Parody Video


Qapla'! 'The Worf Of Wall Street' was the most inevitable parody trailer and photoshops to come from 'The Wolf Of Wall Street'.


FINALLY: Captain Picard Sings ‘Let it Snow’ On ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’


Captain Picard sings 'Let It Snow' via clips from 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' in this festive mashup video.


Flight Of The Conchords Covered By 'Team Fortress 2' (And Other Mashups)

Featured mashup videos of the week, including The Matrix / Office Space, Flight of the Conchords redone in Source Filmmaker, Taken Nemo, and Star Trek 'Call Me Maybe'.

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Dor Sho Gha! Worf Just Can't Catch A Break.


On Star Trek: The Next Generation, nobody ever listened to Worf, their Chief of Security.


Brent Spiner’s Patrick Stewart Impression Is Pretty Good

When Brent Spiner (AKA Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation) isn't busy trolling vlogs, he's getting mad cash at conventions.

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An Awesome Wedding Proposal, Shell Game Cat, and Links

For the troops:  Comics Care Package #7 [Geektress] PBS.

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Wesley Snipes Could Have Been On Star Trek


Blastr found a memo from 1987 that was supposedly sent to Paramount's Head of Network TV, filled with casting suggestions for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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