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The First Full-Length ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Trailer Will Make You Want To Join The Rebellion

By | 9 Comments

'Star Wars Rebels' is looking very classically Star Wars in it's first full-length trailer.


Prepare For A New Era With These Brand New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Trailers

By | 5 Comments

'Star Wars' day started very early with the release of the very first trailers for 'Star Wars Rebels.'


The Star Wars Expanded Universe Has Been Altered. Pray It Is Not Altered Any Further.

By | 22 Comments

Here are the parts of the Star Wars Expanded Universe which are probably being tossed out to make way for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'.


Here’s The Rest Of The ‘Tude-Having Cast Of ‘Star Wars Rebels’

By | 13 Comments

Here's the rest of the characters that will be sassing and smirking their way across the galaxy in 'Star Wars Rebels'...


The Latest ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Character Is A Taste Of The Franchise’s Future

By | 10 Comments

'Star Wars Rebels' latest character is "sassy and feisty with a little bit of attitude", because of course she is...


‘Star Wars Rebels’ Is Catching Fire In This First Footage

By | 2 Comments

Here's your first look at the Hunger Games-esque 'Star Wars Rebels'...


‘Star Wars Rebels’ Villain And Synopsis Revealed At New York Comic-Con

By | 6 Comments

'Star Wars Rebels' executive producer Dave Filoni introduces the villain -- The Inquisitor -- in a video from New York Comic-Con.


The First ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Teaser Certainly Takes The Word ‘Teaser’ Literally

By | 14 Comments

Here's the first teaser for canon animated series 'Star Wars Rebels', along with everything we know about the plot and potential voice cast.

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