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‘Stargate’ Is Getting A Rebooted Trilogy, Will Smith Might Be In ‘Independence Day 2′, Claims Roland Emmerich

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Director Roland Emmerich says 'Stargate' is going to be rebooted as a trilogy and Will Smith may have changed his mind about 'Independence Day 2'.

Egyptian Statue Mysteriously Spinning, Stargate To Open Shortly

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A statue at the Manchester Museum has suddenly begun spinning. Nobody can figure out why. Oh, did we mention it's of Osiris?


This Is Literally Metal: The Awesome Scrap Metal Sculptures Of The Original Giants Of Steel


Earlier this month, car enthusiasts from around the world gathered in Frankfurt, Germany for the biennial Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, AKA the Frankfurt Motor Show.


Sure, Why Not: Father And Son Team Build Backyard Stargate (Pics & Video)

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More often than not, if you ever see two dudes d-cking around in their backyard with wood, coat hangers, styrofoam and tubing, they're probably burying a body -unless of course those same two dudes are Australian.

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