Bruce Campbell Has Some Groovy Details About The ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Series Coming To Starz

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Bruce Campbell talked about returning to the 'Evil Dead' world and what to expect from 'Ash vs. Evil Dead.'


‘Magic City’ Is Coming Back From The Dead As A Movie Thanks To Bill Murray And Bruce Willis

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'Magic City' is making a comeback and it's happening on the big screen thanks to the addition of two sizable movie stars.


Elvis’ Granddaughter Is The New Sasha Grey In Starz’s ‘The Girlfriend Experience’

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Riley Keough nabbed the lead role in the TV adaption of the Sasha Grey-starring "The Girlfriend Experience."

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The ‘Starring Adam West’ Trailer is Here to Remind You That Even Batman Had Bad Credit

By | 9 Comments

There's a new movie about the rise and (perfectly executed) fall of Adam West.

#LeBron James

LeBron James Is Putting A Cleveland Championship First And Hollywood Second


In order to focus on winning a title with the Cavaliers, LeBron James is putting his acting ambitions on the back burner for the next year.


What Is ‘Outlander?’ A Brief Explainer

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'Outlander' turns out to be a pretty good show... but what the hell is going on? A brief explanation.


Bryan Fuller Is Taking On Neil Gaiman With ‘American Gods’

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'American Gods' has been notoriously difficult to bring to TV... which is where Bryan Fuller ('Hannibal') comes in.

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Steven Soderbergh Is Turning His High-End Prostitute Movie Into A High-End Prostitute TV Series

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Steven Soderbergh is going to turn his experimental film into a 13-episode anthology series.


Patrick Stewart To Play An Alcoholic In Seth MacFarlane’s Starz Trek

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Patrick Stewart will boldly go where no "Star Trek" captain has gone before: Starz.

#LeBron James

LeBron James Is Making A Sitcom For Starz. It Sounds Awfully Familiar…

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Hmm. A sitcom about a young man leaving Philadelphia and becoming fabulously wealthy. Where have I heard that before?


Michael Bay Has A New Starz Show About Sexy Pirates Killing Each Other, And Now It Has A Trailer

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Michael Bay's new Starz pirate drama, "Black Sails," finally has a trailer, and it is everything you'd expect from a Michael Bay show about pirates.


A GIFtastic Celebration Of The Most Gloriously Bloody Show On Television

By | 19 Comments

10 fantastically bloody GIFs demonstrating that 'Spartacus' is the most violent show on television.


'Magic City' Producers Had Trouble Finding Real Boobs in Miami

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"Magic City" has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle around here.


Starz Renews ‘Spartacus’ Super Early

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The second season of "Spartacus" doesn't debut until January 27th, but Starz announced today that the show has already been renewed for a third season (the six-episode "Gods of the Arena" prequel isn't counted as a season).


‘Magic City’ Looks Pretty Cool

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With "Playboy Club" already canceled and "Pan Am's" ratings losing altitude (wordplay.

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