Ruth Bader Ginsburg Admits That She May Not Have Been ‘100% Sober’ During The State Of The Union

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg went 'night night' during President Obama's 2015 State of the Union. Here's why.

#Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore Thinks Obama ‘Doesn’t Give A F*ck’ In The 2015 #SOTU

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No wonder the President was being all 'audacious and hope-y' during the annual address.


Here’s How Obama Is Planning To Improve Your Internet

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American Internet infrastructure will almost certainly come up in the State of the Union tonight. Here's what Obama will talk about.

Here’s The Only State Of The Union Photoshop You Need

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I think we can all agree that in a post Pharell's hat at The Grammys world, this is the only SOTU image we need.


Here’s Vice President Joe Biden Being Classic Biden During The State Of The Union Address

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Vice President Joe Biden manages to spice up the State of the Union with some finger guns. Biden, Joe Biden. PEW!


What's On Tonight: The State Of The Union

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President Obama's State of the Union speech, 'Justified,' and the rest of tonight's television highlights.


Obama’s ‘Enhanced State Of The Union’ Speech Doesn’t Involve A Will Arnett Hologram Mocking Him, Sadly

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When I first heard about the White House offering an "Enhanced State of the Union" speech to online viewers of tonight's speech earlier today, I was hoping that CNN had finally figured out a good use for the hologram technology they always manage to use horrendously by using it to insert Gob Bluth (or is it, as commenter Uncle Jemima noted, Devon Banks.

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