Historians Have Found Human Teeth In A 300-Year-Old Statue Of Jesus Christ

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Historians made an odd discovery in an 18th century statue of Christ: Human teeth.


Bob Uecker Is Finally Getting Another Statue At Milwaukee’s Miller Park

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Bob Uecker's legacy with the Milwaukee Brewers is already remembered with a statue outside Miller Park, but now he's also getting one inside the stadium.


How Not To Transport A Giant Deer Statue


A dump truck has no problem hauling a massive deer statue through the streets of Russia.


Ancient Roman Statue Reveals That Fighters Have Always Dealt With Cauliflower Ear


While it’s obviously no secret that men have been fighting for the entertainment of others for thousands of years, it’s always pretty interesting to see the differences between the pugilists of yesteryear and our trained fighters of today.

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Our Eight Favorite Statues On The Comic-Con 2013 Floor

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Every Comic-Con has plenty of odd statues, and San Diego Comic-Con 2013 is no exception. Here are eight of our favorites.


Why A Wolverine Statue Is Exactly What Edmonton Needs

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It may only be a joke, for now, but Edmonton could probably use a Wolverine statue.


Let’s Wonder How Bad My View Will Be At WrestleMania 29

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What you see above (with a hat tip to the entire Internet at once, and a specific hat tip from me to John Canton) is the still-in-progress set for Sunday's WrestleMania 29 event at MetLife Stadium.


Great, David Beckham's In His Underwear Again


What David Beckham lacks in soccer playing abilities these days, he more than makes up for in being good-looking, having a ton of money, cultivating a well-rounded family (by all accounts) with his smoking hot wife, and being very, very good-looking.


China: No Good At Giant Robots, Even Worse At Lying About Giant Robots

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A short while ago, back in December, we reported on a Chinese amusement park that was building a colossal 59-foot Gundam robot statue, as part of an attraction.


Optimus Prime Lives! In Beijing! Take That, Japan!


You may remember a month or so back that we covered the tribute to a respected Chinese general, Guan Yu, made out of one of the People's surplus army trucks.

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