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You Can Now Download SteamOS, If You Dare

By | 8 Comments

SteamOS is officially in beta. So if you've got a high-end rig you want to completely wipe to help Valve figure out what's broken, it's your time!


Here’s The Steam Controller In Action

By | 4 Comments

Valve's weird Steam Controller gets its first demo video, and it does look pretty cool.


‘Half-Life 3′ Trademark Applications Filed By Valve, Development Team Names Leaked

By | 7 Comments

Valve has filed a trademark application for both the title 'Half-Life 3' and their Half-Life symbol, and the names of their development team have leaked.

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What SteamOS Is, And Why It Matters

By | 22 Comments

SteamOS is Valve's first step to completely changing all of gaming. But how?

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