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Nightmare Fuel: Woman Who Had Cosmetic Stem Cell Treatment Grew Bones In Her Eye

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Somehow, it's not an urban legend that a woman who underwent an unregulated cosmetic surgery involving stem cells grew bone fragments in her eye.

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Surgeons Can Now Regrow Your Neck Bones?


So, yeah, you hear about stem cells, but it's not until you read about surgeons doing freaky stuff with them that you realize their potential.


The Japanese Made Mouse Sperm From Stem Cells?


Note to self: never Google anything involving the worm "sperm" before activating SafeSearch ever again.

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Stem Cells The Key To Fixing Your Brain?

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Hey, remember when there was this huge argument between people suffering from various terrible diseases and fundamentalist religious people in the '00s over stem cells and whether or not they were "moral", which we are totally not going to get into, and was ridiculous anyway since it was mostly theory at that point.


First Person To Be Cured of HIV. Maybe.

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You probably heard earlier this week that doctors at Germany's Charite Universitatsmedizin hospital announced they had "cured" HIV in a cancer patient who had received a stem cell transplant.


A Weekend of Record Breakers

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After 14 years and a cost of $10.


Liver Cells From Skin? Sign Me Up

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Up till now, liver cells couldn't be grown in a lab, so researching liver diseases was difficult.


Scientists Can Now Make Loads And Loads Of Stem Cells


We've been hearing for years about how stem cells could do everything from cure Parkinson's Disease to spinal cord injuries, but it's just so hard to grow the dang things for research.

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