Step Brothers (Mixtape)

Starlito & Don Trip – Step Brothers Mixtape

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What I'll likely most remember Hip-Hop's summer of 2011 by is the sudden explosion of group projects.

Step Brothers (Mixtape)

Stepbrothers (Starlito & Don Trip) – “Life” Video

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Hip-Hop's Dale and Brennan keep the momentum building from yesterday's marathon session with the liberation of their "Life" video.

Step Brothers (Mixtape)

Starlito & Don Trip – “Karate In The Garage”

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"I don't think anyone really wants to see us/I'm in the cut, rollin' up, I'm on my Wiz Khalifa/Let him tell it, I don't need blunts/Oh well, more for me cuz/If Trip Dale, you can call me Brennan and find me in the trees bruh.

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