While LeBron Looks Adrift, Stephen A. Smith Stupidly Says LeBron Will Split

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The Cavs looked dreadful again on Tuesday night, similar to their lackluster performance against the Knicks to start the season.

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Dwyane Wade Is “Moving On” From LeBron James In Stirring New Video Mix


Maybe it's Ed Sheeran's hokey voice on "I see fire," the hyperbolic narration by Stephen A.


Video: CNN Confuses Steve Smith With Stephen A. Smith


During the depressing Hawks brouhaha over the weekend, which is continuing as Hawks ownership penalizes GM Danny Ferry even while looking for a new majority owner, CNN had Steve Smith on to talk about the culture of hoops in Atlanta.


ESPN Has Suspended Max Kellerman For Talking About Domestic Abuse On-Air

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Max Kellerman reflected on his own experiences with domestic abuse in the past on-air, upsetting a few at ESPN and earning a suspension.


Allow Whoopi Goldberg To Very Loudly Tell You When It’s Okay To Hit A Woman

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Whoopi Goldberg defended Stephen A. Smith on 'The View' by saying that if a woman hits a man, she should expect to be hit in return.


Stephen A. Smith Is Now Defending Ben Roethlisberger

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Someone who loves Stephen A. Smith -- if such a person exists -- should really tell him to shut the hell up.


Stephen A. Smith Released An Apology For His Poorly-Worded Thoughts On Ray Rice

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After adding to the confusion with a string of Tweets, Stephen A. Smith finally typed a complete apology for his domestic violence rant.


Stephen A. Smith Is Leaving ESPN Radio For Sirius Following His Rant On Domestic Abuse

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Stephen A. Smith is quickly leaving ESPN radio and heading to Mad Dog Radio on Sirius XM. Is there any connection to his controversy?

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Stephen A. Smith To The Ladies: If You Don’t Want To Get Beat, Don’t Piss Off Your Man

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So remember, ladies: if you don't like getting beaten, don't do stuff that makes your man want to beat the crap out of you. Got it? Good.


Stephen A. Smith Believes Kevin Durant Could End Up With Wizards

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Kevin Durant will hit free agency as an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2016.


Stephen Colbert Took On Michael Sam And His ‘Hardcore Closed-Lip Brief And Affectionate Pecking’

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Here's what Stephen Colbert had to say about Michael Sam being drafted by the Rams, filtered through Donald Trump's ignorant horndogging.

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