Ryan Braun Isn’t On PEDs, Just Mysterious Personal Medications

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Good news for fans of the Milwaukee Brewers and their whole "we're a small market team playin' so hard.


Miguel Tejada Works Well In Either Adaptation


Saturday Night Live isn't always on the cutting edge of comedy and "baseball = steroids" isn't the most creative joke, but I couldn't help but enjoy this Moneyball parody from Saturday's show.


Barry Bonds Found Guilty…Sorta


Barry Bonds was found guilty on one of the five counts he faced in federal court, the culmination of a decade-long federal investigation into whether or not the former San Francisco Giants outfielder knowingly took steroids.


Barry Bonds’ Balls Shrank, Says Ex-GF

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The Barry Bonds perjury trial is heating up, and we've finally reached the point where the prosecution wants to know about Barry Bonds' balls, back-ne, and hat size.

the feds

The Dugout: Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training 2011 (Not Really)

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Barry Bonds is on trial for perjury in one of the biggest sports story of the year (and of the last two years, and of the next three).


Barry Bonds Is Still On Trial

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Opening statements for the Barry Bonds perjury trial in U.


Houston Texans Take On The Only Opponents They Can Beat: Each Other


Here's a fun clip of Houston Texans Brian Cushing and Antonio Smith getting involved in a scuffle during their game with the Tennessee Titans yesterday.


Finally, A Reason To Like Brent Musburger

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Brent Musburger, in my opinion, is at a point in his career where he probably has more latitude to express his candor on certain things that the rest of the traditional sports media may not.


Jose Canseco Wants To Be Recognized

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In between playing for the United Baseball League’s Laredo Broncos and practicing mixed martial arts, former steroid user and current Major League Baseball pariah Jose Canseco has a Twitter account.


Brian Cushing: How The Media Voted

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After Brian Cushing became, <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2010/05/cushing-wins-defensive-poy-again/comment-page-1#comment-112101">oddly</a>, the two-time AP Defensive Rookie Of The Year, more more attention is being given to why the AP's revote was rushed (or even held), and why the voters couldn't decide upon to supplant him.


Cushing Wins Defensive ROY…Again

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The AP's bit of holier-than-thou grandstanding in the form of a second vote proved to be for naught.


NFL’s Cushing Might Have Just Been Jackin’ It

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This Brian Cushing story has finally become interesting, and all it took was alleged masturbation and a roomful of old white people to make it happen.



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Steve Holcomb may not become the household name that he probably deserves to be.




The Washington Redskins, perhaps in a fit of blissful ignorance, are interviewing former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski to be their strength and conditioning coach.



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We knew Mark McGwire was on whatever it is that we're calling "steroids" now.

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