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This Parody Video Might Explain Why The New Clippers Logo Is Awful


Steve Ballmer and Blake Griffin reveal the genius, or lack thereof, behind the Clippers' new logo.

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Steve Ballmer Says His Clippers Have ‘Three Of The Best 20 To 25 Guys’ In The NBA

Steve Ballmer thinks keeping the Clippers' "big three" together will lead to a title. He's half right.

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Doc Rivers: Rejected Trades Under Donald Sterling Would Make You ‘Fall Off Your Chair’


Clippers coach and president Doc Rivers wants you to know Donald Sterling is the reason a lot of good trades for the Clippers didn't happen.


Steve Ballmer Reveals The Brand New LA Clippers Logo On ‘Conan’


Steve Ballmer gave Conan an exclusive reveal of the brand new LA Clippers logo before the official introduction tomorrow.


Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Badly Missed A Fist Bump Last Night

Clippers own Steve Ballmer is such a Dad sometimes.

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Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Has Converted The Lakers’ Locker Room Into His Owner’s Lounge

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is trolling the Lakers by using their locker room as the owner's lounge during the first round of the playoffs.

Los Angeles Clippers

Two Clippers Bros Got Kicked Out Of Game 1 For Bringing Their Own Vodka


Someone must stop the tyrannical reign of Clippers' Owner Steve Ballmer. He simply cannot be allowed to continue his reign of terror over the fan etiquette at Staples Center. I mean look at this face; this is the face of a dictator.


Video: Watch Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Spasm To Fergie

The Clippers stomped the Lakers last night at Staples Center, 114-89, and the intercity rivals have appeared to switch places with the Clippers turning into title contenders and the Lakers plotting ping pong ball moves.

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Here’s Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Dancing Like A Lunatic To Fergie’s New Single


Do you want to see Steve Ballmer pretend to be a drunk uncle at a wedding? Of course you do.


Here’s Blake Griffin Telling The Awkward Story Of Attending Donald Sterling’s White Party


Donald Sterling held white parties at his place in Malibu and it probably isn't what you're thinking.


Owner Steve Ballmer Wants Clippers To Ditch Apple


When former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer bought the Clippers for a record $2 billion, the sale was still shrouded by the then-ongoing Donald Sterling fiasco.


The New Owner Of The Clippers Wants Players To Ditch The Apple Products Because He’s ‘MICROSOFT 4 LYFE’


The Apple vs. Microsoft wars just got extra heated as Steve Ballmer tells Clippers staff they can't use certain products.

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Doc Rivers Agrees To New Five-Year, $50 Million Contract With Clippers


Doc Rivers, Steve Ballmer (Kirby Lee, USATODAY) Apparently $21 million over three years wasn't enough for Doc Rivers.


Watch New Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Get Psyched At Team Rally


We're all extremely excited about Steve Ballmer replacing the despicable Donald Sterling as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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Steve Ballmer’s Controversial “Ownership” Of High School Team

After a lengthy and drawn out process, Steve Ballmer -- the former Microsoft CEO -- is officially the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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Shelly Sterling Given Title “Clippers No. 1 Fan” For Life

Earlier today came the announcement former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had officially inherited ownership of the Clippers.

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League Announces Official Sale Of Clippers To Steve Ballmer

Donald Sterling's reign of bigotry, embarrassment, and wide-ranging ineptitude as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers is finally, officially over.

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Judge Rules For Shelly Sterling, Paving Path For Clippers Sale To Ballmer

Yesterday the judge awarded Shelly Sterling a resounding win in her probate trail with estranged husband Donald Sterling.

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