Video: Watch Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Spasm To Fergie

The Clippers stomped the Lakers last night at Staples Center, 114-89, and the intercity rivals have appeared to switch places with the Clippers turning into title contenders and the Lakers plotting ping pong ball moves.

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Here’s Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Dancing Like A Lunatic To Fergie’s New Single


Do you want to see Steve Ballmer pretend to be a drunk uncle at a wedding? Of course you do.


Here’s Blake Griffin Telling The Awkward Story Of Attending Donald Sterling’s White Party


Donald Sterling held white parties at his place in Malibu and it probably isn't what you're thinking.


Owner Steve Ballmer Wants Clippers To Ditch Apple


When former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer bought the Clippers for a record $2 billion, the sale was still shrouded by the then-ongoing Donald Sterling fiasco.


The New Owner Of The Clippers Wants Players To Ditch The Apple Products Because He’s ‘MICROSOFT 4 LYFE’


The Apple vs. Microsoft wars just got extra heated as Steve Ballmer tells Clippers staff they can't use certain products.


Watch New Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Get Psyched At Team Rally


We're all extremely excited about Steve Ballmer replacing the despicable Donald Sterling as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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Steve Ballmer’s Controversial “Ownership” Of High School Team

After a lengthy and drawn out process, Steve Ballmer -- the former Microsoft CEO -- is officially the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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Shelly Sterling Given Title “Clippers No. 1 Fan” For Life

Earlier today came the announcement former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had officially inherited ownership of the Clippers.

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League Announces Official Sale Of Clippers To Steve Ballmer

Donald Sterling's reign of bigotry, embarrassment, and wide-ranging ineptitude as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers is finally, officially over.

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Judge Rules For Shelly Sterling, Paving Path For Clippers Sale To Ballmer

Yesterday the judge awarded Shelly Sterling a resounding win in her probate trail with estranged husband Donald Sterling.


Chris Paul Likely To Boycott If Donald Sterling Remains In Charge


Despite the NBA's lifetime ban for Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the sale of the team by wife, Shelly Sterling, has been put on hold while a probate trial commences to determine whether Shelly acted properly in selling the team without his consent.

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Report: Sterling, Ballmer Have “Friendly Conversation”


Despite a five-week offseason that's already been more exciting and financially fruitful than any in recent memory, the black cloud of Donald Sterling still hangs over the NBA landscape.

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Report: Donald Sterling Hires Private Eyes To Investigate Silver & Owners


Four days after withdrawing support of the Los Angeles Clippers sale to Steve Ballmer, league pariah Donald Sterling has taken new measures to fight back against the NBA.

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Court Docs Reveal Donald Sterling Couldn’t Spell “World” Backward


With Donald Sterling set to fight the NBA and wife Shelly Sterling on the NBA record $2 billion sale of the Clippers to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Sterling's mental capacity has been questioned, and recent court documents revealed by the OC Register before a hearing to make Shelly the sole trustee show a diagnosis of "cognitive impairment" for Donald, including an inability to draw the numbers on a clock face or spell "world" backward.

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Report: Donald Sterling Declared “Mentally Incapacitated”


It was supposed to be a long slog through court proceedings to get disgraced Clippers owner Donald Sterling to relinquish his team, but last night co-owner and wife Shelly Sterling revealed they'd accepted a $2 billion bid from former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.


The Clippers Are Suddenly The Second Most Expensive Franchise In Sports


Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has reportedly agreed to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers for an NBA record $2 billion.

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