Allow This ‘Family Feud’ Contestant To Teach You How To Poop Like A Caveman

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In case you ever find yourself needing to communicate with cavemen, you now know how to tell them you need to 'drop a deuce.'

steve harvey is the best

Watch Steve Harvey’s Reaction To ‘The Best Answer’ He’s Ever Heard On ‘Family Feud’

By | 23 Comments

The beloved 'Family Feud' host calls this 'the best answer' he's ever heard, but it's his walk-off strut that really sells it.

steve harvey is the best

Woman To Steve Harvey: I Sign And Photograph My Boyfriend’s Penis Before He Leaves The House

By | 16 Comments

"Is it weird for me to sign my boyfriend's private parts?" Cue awesome Steve Harvey reaction.

steve harvey is the best

Here’s Why Steve Harvey Deserves To Win ‘Outstanding Game Show Host’ Forever

By | 27 Comments

Steve Harvey is the best game show host on TV, which is why he won a Daytime Emmy yesterday and should win as long as he's on 'Family Feud.'

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