’12 Years A Slave’ Is Set To Become The Homework Assignment It Always Felt Like

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Steve McQueen's '12 Years A Slave' is coming to high school classrooms near you.

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Two Academy Members Admit They Voted For '12 Years A Slave' Without Seeing It

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Two Academy members anonymously admit voting for '12 Years A Slave' without having seen it.


Inside The '12 Years A Slave' Writer Vs. Director Beef Smelled Around The World

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Inside the epic beef between '12 Years A Slave' director Steve McQueen and writer John Ridley, leading to their Oscar night diss-fest.


Kanye West Opened Up To Steve McQueen About The Grammys, ’12 Years A Slave’


"Hollywood likes the idea of a black director directing 12 Years a Slave more than it likes the idea of a black director directing Shame."


Mistakezione: Italian Distributor Very Mi Scusi For '12 Years a Slave' Posters with White Dudes on Them

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An Italian distributor has apologized for using '12 Years a Slave' posters with giant pictures of white dudes on them.


REVIEW: I didn’t like 12 Years a Slave and here’s why

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Sadness Porn with a Historical Twist 12 Years a Slave is an excruciating, uncomfortable, upsetting watch, a long slog through two hours of Spanish moss and torture, of unrelenting cruelty framed in interminably long shots, often set to the shrieking, non-diagetic strings of a Hans Zimmer score.


Watch: ’12 Years A Slave’ Movie Trailer

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Django Unchained opened the door and now 12 Years A Slave is ready to follow-up for awards and critical acclaim in this story of rising above slavery for freedom.


TRAILER: Is 12 Years a Slave the Oscariest movie that ever Oscared?

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In 12 Years a Slave, from Shame director Steve McQueen (the big, black British one, not the rugged white dead one), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Chuy, as we like to call him) plays Solomon Northrup, a free slave living in pre-Civil War New York.


Benedict Cumberbatch Joins Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave

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In a movie that might as well be called Ladies and A Lot of Gentlemen, Get Ready to Feel Weird When You Think a Slave Owner Is Sexy (working title), Benedict Cumberbatch will star in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave, joining previously cast actors Brad Pitt, Michael F.


Shame Review: Michael Fassbender likes sex. A lot. That’s pretty much it.

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Shame is overwrought and lacking in real story, but the Fasspenis deserves Best Actor If you just want the abridged Shame review, here it is: Michael Fassbender is a sex addict.


Michael F. Assbender’s hard drive is filthy

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Steve McQueen's latest film, Shame (that's the black, British, not-dead Steve McQueen) played the Venice film festical to rave reviews last month, and hits theaters December 2nd, smack in the middle of Oscar season.



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As often happens in Hollywood, two movies about the same subject (in this case, a Steve McQueen biopic) are vying for production (see also: Harvey Milk, Pablo Escobar, Truman Capote).



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The Times Online reports that Tobey Maguire has signed a deal expected to be worth $50 million to shoot Spider-Man 4 and 5 back to back over six months next year.

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