NBA Playoff Memories: Robert Horry’s Clutch Flagrant, Suns Vs. Spurs & Bad Karma

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Mike D'Antoni receives his fair share of criticism for a variety of reasons.


A Requiem For The Los Angeles Lakers’ Season As Told By Laker Fan Commenters

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Laker Nation, this is going to hurt us more than it hurts you.


On Steve Nash, Back-Up Teams & A Return To Phoenix

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Even as <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2013/01/kyrie-irving-buzzer-beater-raptors">a fan of the lowly Raptors</a>, I could never fully lend my support to another franchise or latch onto a superstar from another market.

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‘NBA Confessions’ Allows Fans To Anonymously Vent In Convenient Meme Form

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If I had to rank professional sports fans in terms of craziness, I wouldn’t even think twice: 1) NBA fans 2) Everyone else While NFL fans are certainly insane in their own rights and passionate about their teams, NBA fans have multiple layers of crazy that can be peeled back to reveal a molten core of manic lunacy that is the universe’s greatest natural source of irrational behavior.

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Taiwan Animation’s Take On Mike D’Antoni Is Pretty Perfect


I considered writing my normal wordy intro paragraph about how Taiwan Animation is the weirdest thing in the world, citing examples from the stories we've covered and wondering how two Taiwanese ladies with 3rd grade computer animation skills could get to the heart of a story better than a nation of aged sports reporters, but I'll let this image do all that for me: Additional highlights, if you aren't already watching, include: - Phil Jackson as the zen, levitating version of The Mandarin from 'Iron Man' - A swinging jazz soundtrack - The Lakers having fruit thrown at them because they're trying to play basketball with walkers (try to figure out which one's supposed to be Steve Nash.


NBA Round-Up: Steve Nash Dressed As A Nerdy Jackie Earle Haley For Halloween

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Last night marked the beginning of the 2012-13 NBA season, and it started pretty much the same way that I assume next season will begin – with the Miami Heat raising a banner.


The New Look Los Angeles Lakers Remind Us That They Are Very Photogenic

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With NBA Media Day out of the way, we can finally pay attention to the important stuff like Shaquille O’Neal still crapping all over new Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard.


The Miami Heat Don’t Need A Fifth Starter And The Best Of The 2012 NBA Media Day

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Yesterday marked the first meaningless burp of the 2012-13 NBA season, as players casually took their time arriving to their respective arenas to be prepped for clichés and generic positive statements about their chances this year, as part of the 2012 NBA Media Day.

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Here’s Baron Davis’ ‘Getting Buckets’, A Video Game About Literally Getting Buckets


Here's a quick list of the worst things an athlete can do with his money during or after his professional career: 1.


Discussion: Does Steve Nash Suddenly Make The Lakers Title Contenders?

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Depending on whom you ask, the Los Angeles Lakers either just pulled off a fantastic or terrible trade that makes them instant contenders again or just makes them older.


Suns Reportedly Set To Send Steve Nash To Los Angeles Lakers

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The Suns and Lakers have agreed to a sign-and-trade deal to send two-time league MVP Steve Nash to Los Angeles, according to <a href="http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/story/_/id/8130840/sources-steve-nash-headed-los-angeles-lakers-sign-trade-deal">ESPN</a>.


Internet Artist of the Day of the Week: Double Scribble's NBA Fan Art

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I’m a big sucker for fan art – well, appropriate fan art – and that’s why I’ve been pounding my desk all morning over the news that the <a href="http://gigaom.com/2012/05/15/patent-troll-tries-to-mangle-hand-craft-site-etsy/">world’s biggest patent troll is going after Etsy’s new $40 million investment</a>.


Presenting 'Magic Johnson: The Gathering'

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The sports world is abuzz with the news that a Magic-Johnson fronted group broke the dang old bank in order to purchase the Dodgers for over $2 billion, which is a figure so absurd that it may as well be written like a comic strip character says cuss words.

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1.11 The Cooler

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Leesa Unique “Red Tails” Is Putting Black Filmmakers In Jeopardy.


So… Does Anyone Miss The NBA Yet?

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  Instead of attending what should have been the Orlando Magic’s season opener last night, I laid on the couch and caught up on my DVR and then watched the new "South Park" (I thought it was pretty bad until Polly Prissypants pooped herself, which totally saved it).

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