What's Beef?

50 Cent Fires Back At Steve Stoute With New Video

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Can you guess which one's Bishop and which one's Q?

Zetas Cartel

10.10 The Cooler

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Aryane Steinkopf Eminem & The "8 Mile" Cast 10 Years Later [Vibe] Waka Flocka Votes For First Time, Now That He’s A Tax Paying Citizen [AHH] French Montana Explains How 50 Cent Could Have Been More Successful [Complex] Clocking In: Steve Stoute's Day By [...].


Steve Stoute Is An Influencer

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INFLUENCERS In-depth Series features Steve Stoute, Founder and CEO of Translation, a brand management firm that arranges strategic partnerships between Pop Culture icons - the likes of Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani, Lebron James, Justin Timberlake, etc.

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