How Smart Are Your Celebs? The SAT Scores Are In And They’ll Surprise You.

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See how you match up intelligence wise to all of your favorite celebrities. They're either really smart, or have great publicists.


DMX Fist-Bumped Steve Wozniak. Welcome To The Future.

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Here is a GIF and video of DMX fist-bumping a very, very uncomfortable Steve Wozniak.


Wozniak on Jobs: “A lot of what was wrong came from Ashton’s own image of Jobs.”

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Steve Wozniak, the chubby, lovable half of Apple, wrote a short review of Jobs (our review) for Gizmodo: I saw Jobs tonight.


Clip: Ashton Kutcher plays Kelso Jobs in ‘Jackie Jormp Jomp Goes to Computer’

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Here's a clip from Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, a film with a title so f*cking stupid it lowers the resale value of my computer every time I have to type it.

the cloud

Why Steve Wozniak Is Both Right And Wrong About The Cloud

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Wozniak is right about the cloud... but doesn't seem to get how people use it.


80s Nintendo Power Once Told Steve Wozniak To Get Lost And Take His Tetris Scores With Him


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak liked him some Tetris. Nintendo Power wasn't impressed.


Steve Jobs’ FBI File Reveals He Was The A-Hole We Know He Was, May Have Been Back-Stabbed By The Woz


After a person of prominence dies, the FBI will usually make available whatever info/dirt it has in it's archives on the person.


Did Steve Jobs Hurt His Chances Of Survival By Relying Too Heavily On Alternative Medicine?


Today will be like Christmas for thousands, if not millions, of people today who come into possession of a shiny new iPhone 4S.


The Best Of 2011 Commencement Speeches: Clinton, Hanks, Poehler, Denzel, The First Lady And More


This month, college students across the country have donned their caps and gowns, crossed their stages, shook the hands of prominent university and college figureheads, accepted their diplomas and were instantly offered their dream jobs that they've worked so hard to achieve for the past four years.


Jobs and Woz Were Phreaks

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It's a slow news week, so here's a classic story recently revisited by In the second video below, Woz and Crunch talk about how Jobs and Woz were once caught using a blue box and (spoiler alert, I guess) convinced the police it was a synthesizer.

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