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A Salute To The Greatest Patriots In The History Of American Film

By | 8 Comments

Take a stroll through our exhaustive list of the great patriots in cinema history!


Steven Seagal On ‘The Expendables 3′: ‘I Just Didn’t Like Some Of The People Involved.’

By | 28 Comments

While he won't name names, Steven Seagal has again said that he isn't in 'The Expendables 3' because he 'just didn’t like' someone.


Steven Seagal Has Become Putin’s Dennis Rodman

By | 36 Comments

The guy who gropes his assistants and killed a puppy with a tank calls Russia's invasion of the Crimea "very reasonable."


Steven Seagal Went On Russian TV And The Way He Pronounces 'Ukraine' May Shock You

By | 44 Comments

Steven Seagal went on Russian TV to explain the Crimea situation, and the way he pronounces "Ukraine" may shock you.


Don’t Worry About Security At The Sochi Olympics! Steven Seagal Is On The Case.

By | 11 Comments

Master of the front kick, honorary law man, musician and spiritual guru Steven Seagal appeared on Russia Today to address the security at the Sochi Olympics


John Leguizamo Told Arsenio Hall About The Time Steven Seagal Punched Him

By | 5 Comments

On last night's 'The Arsenio Hall Show,' John Lequizamo shared the story of how Steven Seagal punched him on the set of 'Executive Decision.'

actors running for office

You’ll Never Guess Why Steven Seagal Wants To Be Arizona’s Governor


"Florida West" could soon provide the world with a massive shipment of unintentional comedy.

actors running for office

Steven Seagal Wants to Be Arizona’s Governor So He Can Be ‘Above The Law’

By | 45 Comments

Our favorite poonani-loving kimono enthusiast hopes to find out if he has a unique physiological reaction to leadership by running the Girls Gone Wild state.


Steven Seagal adopted a Romanian puppy

By | 7 Comments

Steven Seagal adopted a puppy in Romania, one of 64,000 strays roaming Bucharest that was set to be euthanized. Awww.


The Road To UFC 162: Anderson Silva Isn’t Really Sure If He Could Beat Jon Jones

By | 2 Comments

One of my favorite things about the week leading up to any huge UFC championship fight is the eventual random quote that has nothing to do with the fight at hand and completely distracts everyone.


Steven Seagal doing a traditional Chechen dance

By | 3 Comments

This might have missed the attention of you skimmers, so I'm just going to leave it here again to jumpstart your weekend.


“Steven Seagal could become the face of the Russian arms industry”

By | 15 Comments

Steven Seagal famously has a unique physiological reaction to arousal, collects ornate saddles, drives tanks, sings reggae, trains psychotic vigilantes, collaborates with the CIA (allegedly), and works tirelessly to promote immortality, so perhaps it's no wonder than he can keep [...].


Steven Seagal is an international power broker, amazing dancer

By | 15 Comments

If there's one constant in the world, it's that militaristic strongmen love crappy action movies.


WATCH: Under Siege Re-Cut as a Silent Film is Just the Best

By | 25 Comments

Some internet genius has one-upped us all today, taking Under Siege and recutting it as a silent film.


Film Drunk Foreign Policy Update: Here Is A Picture Of Steven Seagal With Vladimir Putin

By | 11 Comments

Steven Seagal went to Russia and met with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Why? WHO CARES.


Steven Seagal tries out his southern accent in ‘Maximum Conviction’

By | 26 Comments

Do you want to see Steven Seagal do a Southern accent and slit a guy's throat with a karate chop.


Pictures: Steven Seagal in a fancy scarf training a posse of armed vigilantes

By | 32 Comments

Last week, I told you about how Steven Seagal would be <a href="" target="_blank">teaming up</a> with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to train "a posse" on how to respond to school shootings.


Steven Seagal and Joe Arpaio are training a ‘posse’ of school shooting first responders

By | 24 Comments

Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff who somehow still has a job, is teaming up with his best buddy Steven Seagal to train a posse of first responders to deal with school shootings.


VIDEO: Steven Seagal's bulletproof kimono in action

By | 11 Comments

Steven Seagal, while <a href="" target="_blank">famously</a> not able to keep track of space and time too well, is an impeccable dresser, and, as we found out the other day, once had a Colombian company <a href="" target="_blank">design him a bulletproof kimono</a>, presumably so that he could keep up his patented "bloated shaman" look, even while taking musket fire during the Civil War or dodging matchlocks aboard a Chinese junk during 15th century Ming voyages.

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