#Viral Videos

Check Out This Guy Dropping A Slew Of F-Bombs As A Tornado Rips Through His Los Angeles Neighborhood

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If you witnessed an apocalyptic storm tearing through beautiful, sunny California, you'd be cursing in disbelief, too.

Street Collapse

Here’s Some Terrifying Video Of An Entire Street Collapsing In Baltimore, Maryland

By | 7 Comments

It might seem like nothing is going to happen for the bulk of the video, but suddenly things turn horrific by the end.


Highway Sign Blows And Snaps


A highway sign in Canada sways and shakes violently during a storm, eventually breaking just as the cameraman drives under it.


Thunderstorms Blast Gamma Rays, Anti-Matter, Utter Fear

By | 2 Comments

Thunderstorms act like black holes. You know, in case you weren't already worried about lightning strikes.

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