The Woman Who Eats Cat Fur And 7 More Awesome Internet Finds From UPROXX Readers

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Another series of Internet finds from our awesome readers, plus a video of a woman who eats cat fur. Yum.

#arrested development

TLC Is Somehow Getting Stupider

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It's no secret that TLC is a factory that grinds up little people, families with too many children, and assorted freaks into a mind-numbing gruel that satisfies people with slow-firing synapses in their cerebral cortex.


‘I Enjoy the Smell and Taste of Glue’

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As if you couldn't have guessed by the presence of Jerry Springer, "Baggage" is one of the stranger and more disturbing game shows on TV (I previously wrote about it <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2010/04/baggage-is-the-new-worst-dating-show" target="_self">here</a>).


‘Strange Addictions’ Glass Eater: FLORIDA OR OHIO?

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Once again, it's time to play our favorite game: FLORIDA OR OHIO.


What’s on Tonight: OM NOM NOM

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Strange Addictions (TLC) -- Remember the girl who <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2010/12/i-love-eating-toilet-paper" target="_self">can't stop eating toilet paper</a>.


‘I Love Eating Toilet Paper’

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Below is a promo for TLC's "Strange Addictions," premiering December 29th.

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