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Amazon Prime Music Is Solid, But No Spotify

By | 5 Comments

Amazon Prime Music is a new service that tries to compete with Spotify, and doesn't quite make it.


All Songs Created Before 1972 Might Get Yanked From Pandora

By | 8 Comments

Pandora is about to experience a serious music gap, thanks to a new lawsuit.


Apple May Be Poised To Compete With Spotify By Adding Subscriptions To iTunes

By | 3 Comments

If Apple offered an iTunes streaming service that was cheaper than Spotify, would you take a chance to use it?


Amazon's Rumored Music Streaming Service Sounds Amusingly Terrible

By | 3 Comments

Amazon wants to get into the streaming music game... with the worst conceivable service.


You Will Soon No Longer Have To Pay To Use Spotify On Your Phone

By | 10 Comments

Spotify decides it's time to free mobile from its subscription shackles.


Spotify Details Its Payment System For Musicians, And It’s Kind Of Awful

By | 15 Comments

Spotify has broken down how they pay artists. Surprise! The artist gets the short end!

streaming music

Twitter Music Could Debut As Soon As Today

By | 2 Comments

Twitter Music is coming... but what makes it stand out?


Pandora Limiting Free Mobile Users To Forty Hours A Month


Pandora decides to limit those using its free mobile service to 40 hours a month. And needless to say there's a bit more to it than just royalties.


The Black Keys Shun Spotify, Other Streaming Services

By | 7 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I was having dinner with a couple of music industry friends -- one who manages a few quite popular bands and another who founded <a href="">a startup that streams concerts on the web</a> -- and at some point the conversation turned to music streaming services like Spotify, MOG, Rhapsody, Rdio, Pandora, etc.

streaming music

A Free Version Of The Awesome MOG On-Demand Music Service Is Now Live


Well here's a little gift for you going into the weekend: <a href="">MOG</a> -- the streaming music service with a library of over 11 million songs that sites like Techcrunch have been <a href="">drooling over</a> for <a href="">some time</a> -- just went live with a completely free, ad-supported version of the service.

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