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Pharrell’s Earnings From Millions Of ‘Happy’ Plays On Pandora Are Very Sad

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Pharrell's "Happy" was streamed millions of times and earned him less than $3,000.

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Check Out The 1988 Aerobic Workout Mashup Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

By | 6 Comments

A heroic Taylor Swift fan created this mashup for her song 'Shake It Off,' but Swift herself sat down with Yahoo to talk Spotify and 'SNL.'


Amazon Prime Music Is Solid, But No Spotify

By | 5 Comments

Amazon Prime Music is a new service that tries to compete with Spotify, and doesn't quite make it.

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All Songs Created Before 1972 Might Get Yanked From Pandora

By | 8 Comments

Pandora is about to experience a serious music gap, thanks to a new lawsuit.


Apple May Be Poised To Compete With Spotify By Adding Subscriptions To iTunes

By | 3 Comments

If Apple offered an iTunes streaming service that was cheaper than Spotify, would you take a chance to use it?


Amazon's Rumored Music Streaming Service Sounds Amusingly Terrible

By | 3 Comments

Amazon wants to get into the streaming music game... with the worst conceivable service.

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You Will Soon No Longer Have To Pay To Use Spotify On Your Phone

By | 10 Comments

Spotify decides it's time to free mobile from its subscription shackles.

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Spotify Details Its Payment System For Musicians, And It’s Kind Of Awful

By | 14 Comments

Spotify has broken down how they pay artists. Surprise! The artist gets the short end!


Twitter Music Could Debut As Soon As Today

By | 2 Comments

Twitter Music is coming... but what makes it stand out?

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Pandora Limiting Free Mobile Users To Forty Hours A Month


Pandora decides to limit those using its free mobile service to 40 hours a month. And needless to say there's a bit more to it than just royalties.

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The Black Keys Shun Spotify, Other Streaming Services

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A couple of weeks ago I was having dinner with a couple of music industry friends -- one who manages a few quite popular bands and another who founded a startup that streams concerts on the web -- and at some point the conversation turned to music streaming services like Spotify, MOG, Rhapsody, Rdio, Pandora, etc.

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A Free Version Of The Awesome MOG On-Demand Music Service Is Now Live


Well here's a little gift for you going into the weekend: MOG -- the streaming music service with a library of over 11 million songs that sites like Techcrunch have been drooling over for some time -- just went live with a completely free, ad-supported version of the service.

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