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This Week In VOD & Streaming: J-Tro’s Wet & Reckless, Antiviral

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For this week’s edition of, well, This Week in Streaming, I’ve rounded up a nice variety of films from Hulu and Netflix, as well as one very special Video on Demand choice, of which you can watch the first seven minutes of below, for you all to watch while you stay indoors and think about what it is you did to get that bracelet on your ankle in the first place.


This Week in Streaming & VOD: Apocalypse Earth, Bad Girl Island, Rob Schneider And More!

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If you’re like me, you find yourself wondering why you’re pissing away money each month on Netflix instant streaming and Hulu Plus, when it almost always seems like there’s absolutely nothing new to watch.

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Sub Pop’s Head Of A&R: We Look For ‘Rivers Of Pennies’


No, "Rivers of Pennies" is not their next band. It's a term for revenue streams.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Ginger and Rosa, Trance, Playing For Keeps

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Good news for people who like to watch a movies that they’ve probably never heard of – this week’s DVD and Blu Ray releases are full of movies they’ve probably never heard of.


Radiohead Pulls Its Music From Spotify: ‘We’re Standing Up For Our Fellow Musicians’

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Radiohead has decided they don't like Spotify's business model. So they're taking their catalogue and going home.


The Xbox 360 Adds 300 Channels Of Live TV

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Time Warner Cable and the Xbox 360 have entered into an agreement that might actually change cable completely.

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Pandora Is Angry Musicians Don’t Want To Take A Pay Cut

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Pandora is advocating for a law that cuts royalties to musicians. But, hey, musicians! Pandora can give you valuable exposure!


We Asked A Netflix Exec Our 10 Burning Questions Prior To The ‘Arrested Development’ Premiere

By | 51 Comments

Consider this your AD on Netflix best practices FAQ. May we all binge as effectively as possible.


The Center For Copyright Information Gets Its Status Revoked


The Center for Copyright Information is no longer a company because apparently, they can't be bothered to fill out forms.


Why Aereo Is Scaring The Hell Out Of Broadcast Networks

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Aereo is Satan as far as the networks are concerned. But why?

Amazon Rumored To Be Entering Music Streaming, Spotify-Style


Spotify has more to worry about as Amazon gets into the mix.

Google Cuts Streaming Deal With Warner Music

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Google is about to get into the online music streaming world in a much bigger way.


Google Is Going After Spotify With Both Hands

By | 4 Comments

Google Music may be offering Spotify-style streaming much sooner than you may think.


Netflix Signs Major Deal With Disney

By | 2 Comments

Netflix and Disney have decided to get all exclusive, but there's room for more Hollywood studios, baby.


HBO Go Steps Away From Cable…In Norway

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HBO Go loves Norway's money more than it loves America's.


YouTube Hopes Obscure Cable Channels Will Broadcast From Its Site


Here's how cable channels make money: your cable company bundles them in packages, and makes you buy them in those bundled packages, so they get retransmission fees.

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Justice Department Investigating Cable Companies For Data Caps

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When we told you about Comcast's <a href="">raspberry in the face of everybody</a> who wanted to use Netflix more than a few times a month, we told them the Feds would show up.

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