‘You’ll Never Leave Eurasia Alive!': ‘Strider’ Game Review

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One can't bring up the past without forgetting all the wack sh*t.

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5 Games You Want This Week (Feb. 16th – 22nd): DK! Donkey Kong Is Here!

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Rambo, Donkey Kong and a sequel to Earth Defense Force 2017 in an eclectic week for games...

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So This New ‘Strider’ Game Could Be Pretty, Pretty Good

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So news broke recently about Capcom's Strider revamp (PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360) and I raised an eyebrow.

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Capcom’s ‘Strider’ Series Strides Back To Current And Next-Gen Systems In Early 2014

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Capcom's 'Strider' series returns for it's first entry in over two decades...

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