Chicago Strip Club Rewarded For Helping Beautify The Neighborhood

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Chicago strip club recognized for doing good in the neighborhood.


This Boobs-Shaped Florida Nightclub Once Known As ‘The Booby Trap’ Will Sadly Be Demolished

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A Florida strip club in the shape of boobs, famously known as 'The Booby Trap,' is facing the threat of demolition.


A Detroit Homeless Man Stole An Ambulance To Go To A Strip Club Called ‘The Booby Trap’

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If you're gonna steal an ambulance, you better have a damn good reason. We think this guy did.


Finally, There’s A Lego Set For People Who Love Strip Clubs

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The genius artists at Citizen Brick are back with a strip club set that will change the way adults view those yellow figurines.

#Dave Grohl

Courtney Love Is Dead Serious About Her $10,000 Stripper Bet With Dave Grohl

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Dave Grohl and Courtney Love took their beef squashing to the next level with a $10,000 wager over who can get the most strippers.


This Bar’s Bathroom Has A Peephole Into The Strip Club Next Door

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There's a pot of gold on the end of this peep hole rainbow.

farrah abraham

Farrah Abraham Is Working In An Austin Strip Club… For Research, You See

By | 22 Comments

Farrah Abraham is working an Austin strip club, but says she's only "job shadowing."

david arquette

David Arquette Is Out To Purchase One Of The Most Famous Strip Clubs In America

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David Arquette is secretly negotiating to buy Crazy Girls, one of the most famous strip clubs in the country.


A Queens Strip Club Is Offering Derek Jeter A Lifetime Pass As If He Needs It


As if he even needs it, Derek Jeter is now welcome at the Show Palace strip club any time he'd like, free of charge.


Some New York City Strippers Are Accused Of Drugging Rich Men For Their Money

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At least four professional strippers have been arrested by the DEA and NYPD for drugging rich clients and running tabs as high as $200,000.


Something For La Ladies: Red Band Trailer For Joe Manganiello’s Male Stripper Doc ‘La Bare’

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In his directorial debut, Joe Manganiello takes us inside one of the world's greatest male strip clubs in the documentary, 'La Bare.'


Sorry Russian Dude, But This Is Not How Getting Private Lap Dances Works

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A 41-year old man in Russia is facing some serious punishment after he tried to bring a stripper home from the club with him.


An Oregon Teen With Brain Cancer Just Crossed A Strip Club Off His Bucket List. Next Up? A UFC Fight.

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A 19-year old brain cancer patient in Oregon is trying to complete his bucket list, and after going to a strip club, he wants to attend a UFC fight next.


With Leather’s Watch This: Our Favorite Exotic Dancers Are Giving Away Super Bowl XLVIII Tickets

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Our friends at Rick's Cabaret in New York City are giving away two tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII this Saturday.


Donald Trump’s Old Post Office Hotel In Washington DC Can’t Have A Strip Club

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According to the rules laid out in the 319-page leasing agreement, Donald Trump cannot have a strip club at his new Old Post Office Pavilion hotel.

#Justin Bieber

Here’s How Much Justin Bieber And Floyd Mayweather Made It Rain At A Strip Club Over The Weekend

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Justin Bieber made it rain, a lot, and then did something bad. (He touched a stripper's butt!)


Conor McGregor Had A Pretty Fun Time At The Strip Club With Willie Roaf

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Injured UFC featherweight Conor McGregor Tweeted a picture of himself with a stripper because he's just so much fun.


The “Make It Rain” Chronicles Pt. II: 40 More Strip Club Anthems

By | 17 Comments

It's been far too long since a strip club-related post has covered the likes of this fine corner of the Internet.


Mumford & Sons Got Kicked Out Of An Atlanta Strip Club

By | 15 Comments

Last night in Atlanta, Mumford and Sons were kicked out of an amazing sounding strip club.

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