Science: Casual Sex Is Good For You, If You Want It

By | 4 Comments

If you think casual sex is a good thing, it might actually be a good thing.


Science Comes To Shocking Conclusion: Most Gamers Aren’t Amoral Sociopaths

By | 13 Comments

Shockingly, of the hundreds of millions of gamers out there, the vast majority turn out to be normal people with hobbies!

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A New Study Suggests That The ‘Trophy Wife’ Is Just A Myth Perpetuated By Haters

By | 23 Comments

According to a new sociological study, the 'trophy wife' is an unfair and demeaning stereotype, because women actually love old, rich men.

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Study: People Are Learning More From ‘The Colbert Report’ Than Any Other News Show

By | 3 Comments

A new study reveals that by using humor and satire, 'The Colbert Report' has been better as educating Americans than all other news sources.

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Cringe-Inducing Study Claims Video Games Make You Racist

By | 30 Comments

You wouldn't think four respected academics would conclude video games make you racist if they starred a Black character. And yet!


New Study Finds That Instagram Users Tend To Like Photographs That Are Not So Great

By | 2 Comments

Instagram users like it when their pictures are badly taken outside. Seriously.


Stupid New Study: Bacon Lowers The Quality Of Your Sperm

By | 9 Comments

A new study from a team of researchers at Harvard suggests that processed meats like bacon lower the quality of sperm in men.


Horrifying Study: Oreos May Be As Addictive As Cocaine

By | 6 Comments

A recent study suggests that high sugar snacks like Oreos may be just as addictive to people as drugs like cocaine.


Beer Prices Are Rising Because Of Hipsters

By | 8 Comments

A recent study revealed that because of the popularity of Pabst Blue Ribbon within the hipster community, the prices of sub-premium beers are on the rise.


Most Craigslist Missed Connections Take Place In Walmart

By | 7 Comments

Looking for love? Go to Walmart! It's apparently where people are going to develop crushes on others these days.

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Study: Mo’ Facebook Friends, Mo’ Problems

By | 6 Comments

Here's a study to confirm something you already know: people on Facebook add stress to your life.


Study Finds Porn Actresses Have Higher Self Esteem & Their Lives Are Super Great

By | 29 Comments

The stereotype of the troubled porn star is as well-entrenched as the sad clown, or the insufferable Will Smith offspring, augmented by the long list of infamous porn star suicides, like <a href="" target="_blank">Savannah</a>, who killed herself after she cut her face in a car accident, or <a href="" target="_blank">Alex Jordan</a>, who famously addressed her suicide note to her pet parrot.


Researchers: Your Coworkers Are Probably D-Bags On The Internet

By | 3 Comments

We know, it's a shock that your coworkers are ill-behaved, boorish idiots, but science is never wrong.


Study: Sex, Drugs And Rock-N-Roll Do In Fact Go Together


If the fact that Kid Rock and countless other disgusting-looking musicians <a href="">have groupies</a> who follow them around essentially begging them to sample their tainted lady-parts wasn't enough evidence for you, science has come along to validate that their is some correlation between music and sex, along with drugs as well.


New Study Shows Media Piracy Just Isn’t Happening

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According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), they are losing a million bajillion dollars every day from media piracy, and it is killing their industry.

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Censorship Trolls Whining About TV Again


As a general rule, I don't trust any advocacy group with the words "Family", "Parents," or "Common Sense" in the title, because it usually translates out to "holier-than-thou people banding together to try and order you around.


NatGeo: Fish Communicate by Farting

By | 8 Comments

No matter what else you see today, this is certain to be the best video about herring farts.


Scientists Still Working on Smell-O-Vision For Some Reason

By | 3 Comments

Researchers at UCSD partnered with Samsung to develop a realistic way to bring smells to your television and mobile device, thus making Smell-O-Vision technologically possible <a href="" target="_blank">fifty years after</a> it was first conceived.

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Study: Facebook Keeps Us In Touch With High School Friends We’d Have Left Behind A Long Time Ago


I don't know about you, but I love studies, particularly studies about the Internet.

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