Last Night’s Brooklyn Raw Is Now 1,000 Times Better Thanks To The ‘Sandow Cam’

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A fan at Monday's WWE Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn held a camera on Damien Sandow throughout the Miz vs. Sheamus match, and it's delightful.

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Here’s What Brienne And The Hound’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Stunt Doubles Look Like

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Rory McCann and Gwendoline Christie are awesome on "Game of Thrones," but even they need help from some convincing stunt doubles.

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Carl From ‘The Walking Dead’ Has A 31-Year-Old Woman For A Stunt Double, And She’s A Dead Ringer

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Chandler Riggs' stunt double on 'The Walking Dead' is a 31 year old woman, and before that, a 21 year old woman, who was also Penny's stunt double.


12 Celebrities And Their Stunt Doubles Because People Seem To Enjoy This Sort Of Thing

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We've come a long way since the LOL days of 80's stunt doubling where mullet length was an afterthought in the filming of action movies.

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