Hyundai’s Crazy Stunt Shows We’re Closer To The Self-Driving Car Than We Think


Hyundai wants you to know that their safety features work. Even if you do insane stunts with them.


Here’s Conan Taking A Samurai Sword To The Gut

By | 2 Comments

Conan finds out the hard way that accidents will happen in the world of stunts.


Ranking The Most Insane Johnny Knoxville Stunts Available On YouTube

By | 10 Comments

Johnny Knoxville has made it another year on planet Earth and amazingly, his testicles are still intact.


A Record-Chaser Who Shattered His Neck Jumping Through Glass Now Wants Money For ‘The Ultimate Comeback’

By | 8 Comments

You should probably watch "Half Animal" break his neck trying to break a world record before pulling out your wallet.


Extreme Teeterboarding


Cirque Du Soleil acrobat David Rimmer practices some incredible teeterboard stunts with his partner, Steph.


Recklessly Inspirational Thing Of The Day: Wheelchair Freestyle


Wheelchair freestyle by a guy named "Wheelz" features the most bad-ass and dangerous use of a wheelchair you've ever seen.


Jason Statham Wants Stuntmen To Have An Oscar Category

By | 16 Comments

In a new interview, Jason Statham defends action movies from critics and admits he thinks stuntmen deserve more awards recognition.


Jean Claude Van Damme Does An Epic Split In A New Volvo Commercial

By | 23 Comments

Volvo claims that this new commercial with Jean Claude Van Damme doing a split on two moving trucks is real. It sure looks real.


Florida’s Stunt Fest Will Entertain You Slash Make You Feel Super Inadequate

By | 3 Comments

Florida's Stunt Fest, a gathering of cheerleaders and way-too-intense gymnasts, will entertain you and make you feel like a fat, uncoordinated POS.


Here’s A Hamster Driving A Semi, Courtesy Of Volvo

By | 6 Comments

Volvo decided to re-enact 'The Wages of Fear' with a hamster steering the truck.


Catch You On The Flipside: Stunt Driver Makes The First Successful Car Backflip


Guerlain Chicherit performed the first successful 360-degree backflip in a car. Well, the first intentional car backflip anyway.


Green Power Ranger To Try And Break Three Pine Boards While Skydiving

By | 5 Comments

Jason David Frank, the Green Power Ranger, is going to bust wood while plunging to earth. Really.


David Blaine Ate Meryl Streep’s Wine Glass At A Party Last Night

By | 10 Comments

First of all, what are David Blaine and Meryl Streep doing at the same party. Secondly, WTF?!


Nitro Circus: School Bus Drifting


If you're going to be late for school, you might as well have fun doing it.


The Pin Slam


Body-slamming a table covered in thumbtacks.


How Are These Mountain Biking Bros Still Alive?


Are these mountain biking bros insane? Probably!


Crazy Finnish Guy Ramps A Dirtbike Off A Mountain


A crazy Finnish guy (pardon the redundancy) intentionally ramped his dirtbike off the side of a mountain, survived the stunt.

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