Evan Turner Says ‘Jesus Was Hated Too’ After 76ers Fans Boo Him

By | 9 Comments

Evan Turner made some interesting comparisons in his return to Philly last night.


The Guy Who Started The Fight With Johnny Manziel Is Now Super Sorry About The Whole Thing

By | 12 Comments

Johnny Manziel's fight was a big misunderstanding according to the guy who got beat up.


Here’s The Latest Rumor About The Dysfunctional New York Knicks

By | 9 Comments

Carmelo Anthony and Tim Hardaway almost came to blows during a game last week.


Look At How Many People Showed Up To Turn In Their Ray Rice Jersey Today

By | 14 Comments

Apparently everyone in the state of Maryland owned a Ray Rice jersey.


Scottie Pippen Commits Sacrilege, is Turncoat S.O.B.

By | 45 Comments

In a story that threatens to destroy Twitter, former Chicago Bulls second banana legend Scottie Pippen went on ESPN's Mike and Mike (and mike) in the Morning this morning and said, and I quote (because I don't want to type it myself): "Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to ever play in the game.


Ravens Rookie Hospitalized After Run-In With Stairs

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Ravens second-round pick Sergio Kindle may have a hard time getting the boatload of money he's striving for in the rookie contract he'll eventually sign if he continues displaying coordination that mirrors that of mine at the age of 5 (Okay, and at the age of now).

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