Watch This Fan Get Knocked Out After Running On The Court During A Basketball Game

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Today in really, really bad ideas---running on a basketball court.


Watch These Announcers Completely Lose It As This Football Fan Sings Into A Fake Goose

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Oh, don't mind this guy. He's just singing into his fake goose on live television.


The New Orleans Saints Fan Explains Why He Wrestled The Ball Away From That Woman

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You remember the Saints fan who stole the ball from a woman? Well, he's got a good explanation for doing it.


Did This Soccer Fan Pick His Nose And Wipe It On A Woman’s Head?

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Here's one of the more disgusting clips floating around the internet today.


This Is The Most Disorganized Sign In The History Of Sports

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This is up there with one of the worst signs ever, right?

College GameDay signs

‘I Am Currently Harder Than ND’s Schedule': Your Roundup Of College GameDay Signs From Florida Sate

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Here's Your Roundup Of College GameDay Signs From Florida State, including lots of support for Jameis Winston.


The Victim In The 49ers Bathroom Fight Might Be Paralyzed

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As it turns out, punching someone really hard in the face can lead to really bad things.


Here’s Video Evidence Of A Fan Using A Laser Pointer On The Buffalo Bills

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Here's the stupid fan who used a laser pointer on the Buffalo Bills.


Soccer Continues To Have Some Seriously Messed Up Fans

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A soccer goalie thought he was drinking water. Turns out, the fans behind the net are huge freaking a-holes.


The World’s Most Clueless Fan Brought A ‘Switch’ To A Vikings Tailgate

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Attention everyone, we stopped taking nominations for world's stupidest fan this afternoon. This guy won the gold medal.


Well, We Finally Found The Most Delusional Fan In The World

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As Forrest Gump once said, stupid is as stupid does.


Not Hated Enough, Duke Basketball Fans May Have Reminded America Why They're Awful

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I was thinking just the other day that while this NCAA men’s basketball season had been pretty exciting, what with No.


New Cleveland Tourism Idea: Never Show This Browns Fan Piss Bucket Video To Anyone

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There have been a lot of videos that exemplified the Cleveland experience -- the "Factory Of Sadness" and hastily-made tourism videos among them -- but none quite so beautifully as this one.


MLB Style Guide: Everything You Should Care About From The 2012 Home Run Derby

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The 2012 MLB Home Run Derby took place last night in Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium (the one with the fountains), and if you were like most people you had a passing interest, got bored, then spent a little time on Twitter trying to make Chris Berman's incessant "BECK BECK BECK BECK BECK" thing funny.

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