Hasbro Decided To Replace Their Penis-Shaped ‘Play-Doh’ Toys After Everybody Complained

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Hasbro replaced their penis-shaped Play-Doh toys, but is the newer version just as offensive?


This Kid Needed Some Bud Light To Get Through The Jets Game

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He's having the time of his life with some popcorn and Bud Light.


Chris Bosh Is Taking His Talents To The Disney Channel


I will probably never do a Sports On TV column for the Disney Channel hit 'Jessie.' Not that I wouldn't cover a kid's show -- I've already done SOTV entries for 'Arthur' and 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' after all -- but I lost track of what was going on on the Disney Channel when the Suite Life kids started living on a boat.


Peyton Manning’s Jersey Is Loved By Gangs

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Proving once again that the Denver Broncos should have kept Tim Tebow instead of signing Peyton Manning, controversy is brewing in a Colorado town over kids wearing Manning’s bright orange No.


It’s The End Of Organized Youth Sports As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

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As the war against the “Pussification of America” rages on, it’s comforting to see that other countries are also dealing with their share of coddling parents and frivolous lawsuits.


The Banana Just Stood There And Watched

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This video is The Internet in real life.


The Great Foul Ball Debate: How Do You Declare The Real Villain?

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There's been a very unexpected yet quite spectacular trend brewing in Major League Baseball this season - foul ball thievery.



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This video is what's wrong with our country.

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