no you will not get brain cancer from a cell phone

Dennis Kucinich Wants Another Stupid Cell Phone Radiation Law

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There is a better way to get people to stop texting during a movie, and it's called "fisticuffs".

here we go again

Arizona's Dumb Attempt To Outlaw Trolling Tramples All Over The First Amendment, Naturally

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<a href=""></a>Oh brother -- here we go again.

oh brother

Congress Updates Law So Netflix Can Spam Your Facebook


You might remember Robert Bork, if you're a total nerd: every time somebody on Fox News screams about "legislating from the bench," they're quoting Bork.

eventually they'll figure it out

Even The RIAA Hates The DMCA?


If you've ever sent a friend a video clip of your favorite show only to discover that "this video has been taken down due to a claim by MegaMedia Corp.

freedom of speech

Italian? No Wikipedia For You!


Sadly, mostly Americans probably know Italy via the Olive Garden (Never-ending pasta bowls for everyone.

i think of all the education that i missed

Missouri Bans Teachers Friending Their Students On Facebook


Awwww, Missouri combined our three favorite things: <a href="">Stupid laws about Facebook</a>, <a href="">stupid propaganda about teachers</a>, and <a href="">stupid laws passed by state legislators about the Internet</a>.

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