Glasshole Being A Glasshole About His Precious Toy Getting Broken

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"Protestors" are apparently breaking Google Glass on the streets now, because that's productive.

uh oh

Texting While Flying Causes Its First Fatal Aircraft Crash

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Texting while flying is a terrible idea. Especially if you're flying a freaking medical helicopter.


Apparently If You Own An iPad You Also Own A Messenger Bag

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Or you just own a messenger bag because you haven't given up on not being totally lame yet.

what the hell?!

FBI Founds Task Force To Stop Idiots Blasting Pilots In The Face With Lasers

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Air travelers, meet your new nightmare: idiots with laser pointers.

war and peace

eBook Publisher Changes 'Kindled' to 'Nookd' in 'War and Peace'


Recently, we told you about Apple's attempt to censor the word "jailbreak" -- and apparently, we're just going to have to accept stuff like that as an increasing part of modern life, because now it's been discovered that an eBooks publisher, while putting out the infamously long and dull Russian tome "War and Peace," decided to find and replace everything with "Kindle" in it to "Nook".


Apple Really Hates The Term 'Jailbreak'

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So, yeah, iTunes won't censor "bitch," but it will censor "jailbreak." Or at least it did.


20% Of Third Graders Have Cell Phones. Wait, WHAT?

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Just to help out anybody who thinks that cyber-bullying the fault of the collective Internet, it's not -- its root cause are parents who give their children free reign on the web.


5 “Evolutionary Psychology” Studies That Will Make Your Brain Hurt

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If there are two words that tend to make scientists roll their eyes when paired together, it's "evolutionary psychology".


Yeah, Snorting Ritalin To Play Games All Night Sounds Like A Great Idea


Look, I've been gaming since I was eight, which means two solid decades.


Moron Imitates Frogger, Sadly Had Extra Life


In the worst idea involving the "Frogger" franchise since the game at right (seriously, who decided to turn Frogger into an adventure game.

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