Knowledge Reigns For Supreme

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The Blastmaster gets blessed.


Manchester United Will Have A Wealthy, New Kit Manufacturer Next Year

By | 9 Comments

Nike loses its kit deal with United to its biggest rival.


Jabari Parker Becomes Jordan Brand’s Newest Team Member

By | 6 Comments

Parker's already picked his team for the NBA.


Cop: Future x 10.Deep’s ‘Honest’ Tour T-Shirts

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Future's got himself some of those epic concert tees like the greats before him.


Acapulco Gold Remembers When It Was All So Simple

By | 8 Comments

Paying tribute to Rae and Ralph at the same time.


Chan-Lo Presents ‘Chicks N’ Kicks’ With Devi Dev

By | 4 Comments

For this LA native, Chucks were the natural choice.


Singer Tinashe Talks Her Love For Jordans With ‘Chicks N Kicks’

By | 20 Comments

Like cute, petite shorties with an affinity for oversized shirts, leggings and Jordans?

Uptown | Miami

Dunkxchange Pre-Party At Uptown Sneaker Boutique


Come Uptown, where everything is greater.

#Jay Z

50 Cent: My G-Unit Sneakers Outsold Jay’s Reeboks Six To One

By | 22 Comments

Curtis says he's a better shoe salesman than Jigga.


adidas Announces New Deal With Pharrell

By | 12 Comments

Skateboard P joins Kanye and Nigo to form hypebeast holy trinity for the Stripes.

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