Good Guy Keanu Reeves Gives Up His Seat On The NYC Subway

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Keanu Reeves follows proper protocol on the subway.


This Subway Commercial Is Here To Help Ladies Look Skinny In Their Slutty Halloween Costumes

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Subway doesn't seem to understand why they may have offended some people with their new commercial.

paris hilton

Ha Ha! Paris Hilton Was Totally Embarrassed To Get Caught At Subway.

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Paris Hilton is in New York for Fashion Week and photographers caught her getting food at a Subway restaurant.


Watch Jimmy Fallon Consult The ‘Helen MIrren’ On The Wall About All The Spanking In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

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Helen Mirren plays the kinky lady in the mirror on 'The Tonight Show,' giving her thoughts on 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and other topics.


This Woman Called 911 Because Subway Put Marinara Sauce On Her ‘Flatizza’

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A North Carolina woman called 911 after unfairly being served "marinara sauce" instead of pizza sauce on her Subway "Flatizza." Yeah, we got nothin'.


So, That Yoga-Mat Chemical Is In A Lot More Products Than Just Subway Bread

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Get your daily FDA requirement of flip-flops, yoga-mats and garden hose!

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The Characters From ‘Mortal Kombat’ Have A Garage Band That Sings About Subway Sandwiches

By | 2 Comments

Test your might against this 12-minute Mortal Kombat themed cover of a Subway jingle...


Watch A Subway Employee Accept One Of The Onion’s Fantastic Fake September 11th Coupons

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The Onion published a fake September 11th Subway coupon. But the real Subway accepted it.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 9/17/12: Brought To You By Garbage Food

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Pre-show notes: - If you guys don't mind clicking the like button on this post or sharing it on Twitter, I'd be greatly appreciative.


Breaking Down The Money Of The 2012 Olympics

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According to various sources, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade is worth as much as $70 million and made approximately $26 million over the past year, between his NBA contract and 11 or so endorsement deals.


Boycott Subway Until Happy Gilmore Gives Back His Gold Jacket

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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and assumed "trunking" expert Michael Vick took home a BET Award for Sportsman of the Year on Sunday night, and because of this (and stay with me here, because this doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense) an animal rights group will be boycotting Subway restaurants.


8-Page DC Comics Subway Ad Makes Aquaman Look Like A Tool

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Every now and then, people ask me why I stopped buying comics by the individual issue.


The Easiest Way To Dunk Like Blake

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With technology advancing at a blinding pace – from iPhone apps to eBooks to 3D movies – it's almost impossible to keep track of all the latest marvels that enlighten our existence.


Video: Riots In Oakland

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What started out as a protest over the killing of Oscar Grant by BART officer Johannes Mehserle, escalated into a riot in Oakland.

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