Have iPhone 6 Photos Leaked? TMZ Thinks So.

TMZ thinks it has the iPhone 6. It does not have the iPhone 6. And now we all point and laugh!


WhatsApplebee’s Is The New iPhone App That Is So Dumb You’ll Believe It’s Real


Created as a joke, WhatsApplebee's is still a real social networking app that people can use to meet other Applebee's diners.


No, A Man Did Not Go Into A Coma After Eating 413 Red Lobster Biscuits


A clearly fake news story about a man who went into a coma after eating 413 Red Lobster biscuits fooled a lot of people on the Internet today.


Shockingly, Americans Are Ripe Suckers For Online Scams

While we all like to believe the majority of the country is stupid, thanks to [INSERT YOUR OWN POLITICAL JOKE HERE], it is a little embarrassing when we get solid proof.

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