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Weekend Preview: Treasure Seeking Dragons On ‘The Librarians’ And ‘The Wire’ In HD

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'The Wire' makes its HD debut, Noah Wyle returns to 'The Librarians', and 'The Comeback' ends its second season.

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Weekend Preview: In Defiance Of North Korea, James Franco Is Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

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James Franco hosts 'Saturday Night Live', 'Grimm' Deals With Christmas Trolls, And Homer Gets Lit On 'The Simpsons'


Weekend Preview: Will ‘The Walking Dead’ Go Out With A Bang?

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The 'Walking Dead' has its mid-season finale, it's 'Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever', and there's an exorcism on 'Constantine'.

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Weekend TV Preview: A Rescue Mission Is Launched On ‘The Walking Dead’

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The gang wants their people back on 'The Walking Dead' and Jim Corrigan debuts on 'Constantine'.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Beat ‘Sunday Night Football’ In The Key Ratings Again


Since fictional zombies are beating real ones at the ratings game, maybe NBC should arm players with machetes and firearms.


Weekend Preview: Carol And Daryl Get Lost In The Woods On ‘The Walking Dead’

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Woody Harrelson hosts 'Saturday Night Live', Carol finds trouble on 'The Walking Dead', and Emma loses it on 'Once Upon A Time'.


Weekend Preview: Get On The Bus With ‘The Walking Dead’

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Papa Midnite debuts on 'Constantine', 'The Walking Dead' sticks with Abraham and the bus, and 'Doctor Who' ends its season.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Once Again Defeated The NFL In The Important Ratings

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While more people were tuned into the Steelers thrashing of the Ravens, 'The Walking Dead' scored another victory in the key demographic.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Is Even Beating ‘Sunday Night Football’ In The Ratings Demo That Really Matters

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America is football crazy but 'The Walking Dead' keeps narrowly edging out the NFL's 'Sunday Night Football' in the ratings.


Why Did NBC Make Tom Brady Look Like Dexter In A Sunday Night Football Promo?

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Tom Brady bears a striking resemblance to Dexter in this NBC promo. Is it because he put out a hit on the paparazzi?


With Leather’s Watch This: Are You Ready For Some Football? Say Yes.


About f*cking time, says the Miami Dolphins fan who will be cursing Jeff Ireland’s name (even more than he already does right now) by week 3.


NBC Is Absolutely Determined To Ensure You Are Less Ready For Some Football

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NBC has pulled out ALL the tops in order to get you to watch a program you were already planning to watch.


Faith No More

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I don't know if you'll be able to handle this news, but country singer Faith Hill will be leaving her job of "waiting all day for Sunday night" in the Sunday Night Football intro after 8 years of service.


If Bob Costas Hadn’t Had Taiwan Animation, He’d Still Be Alive Today (Or Something)


Here's the NMA World Edition (Taiwan Animation) take on Bob Costas and his speech about Jovan Belcher and gun control.



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Orchestrating another offensive explosion onto his opponents' face, neck, and trendy eyewear.

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