There Is No Xbox In The Playroom In The ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Super Bowl Trailer

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After watching the '50 Shades Of Grey' Super Bow Ad, everyone wants to know what's in Christian Grey's playroom.


Over 16,000 People Were Offended By NASCAR’s Nick Offerman Super Bowl Ad Poking Fun At Gluten-Free Diets

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A Change.org petition claims the commercial unfairly mocks those who suffer from Celiac disease.


Here’s The Sequel To Last Year’s Adorable Budweiser Super Bowl Puppy Commercial

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The sequel to last year's Budweiser 'Puppy Love' Super Bowl commercial is here and it will almost definitely make you cry.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

More People Are Watching World Cup Ads Than Super Bowl Ads, But Are They Better?

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Here's a totally scientific and accurate evaluation of this year's World Cup ads compared to the commercials from Super Bowl XVIII.


If You Don’t Live In Southwest Florida, You Missed This Super Bowl Commercial Marriage Proposal

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The guys at Diamond District in Cape Coral, Florida used their local Super Bowl ad to help a man propose to his girlfriend.


Remember To Breathe As You Watch This GoPro Space Jump Super Bowl Ad


Felix Baumgartner makes his record breaking Red Bull Stratos space jump while attached to GoPro cameras. Hang on to everything.


Here’s The Gun Company Ad That The NFL Has Refused To Air During Super Bowl XLVIII

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Gun maker Daniel Defense submitted an ad to Fox to air during Super Bowl XLVIII and the NFL has rejected it due to supposed rule violations.


Pornhub’s Rejected Super Bowl Ad Was Actually Quite Sweet

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Pornhub tried to air a Super Bowl ad. CBS, the network for old people, wanted nothing to do with it, even though it was kind of sweet.


Check Out The ‘World War Z’ Super Bowl Spot

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The Super Bowl generally serves as the first launch pad of the New Year for Hollywood to show us what huge action films they have in store for us.


This Dude Should Never Wash His Face Again

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Despite being a bro who loves the ladies, I’ve never really enjoyed Go Daddy’s overly suggestive Super Bowl spots, because they typically lack creativity.

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This Week In Racist Super Bowl Commercials: Sean Paul Says Volkswagen’s Ad Is Funny

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As has become customary in this YouTube era, companies no longer wait for the Super Bowl to actually air their Super Bowl ads, which is why any outrage from PornHub’s executives would be about as real as a Faye Reagan orgasm.


Grandpa Goes Wild


An 87-year old  joyrides through a football field on a high-speed mobility scooter in this preview for Taco Bell's Super Bowl commercial.


Seinfeld’s Acura Super Bowl Ad Was ‘Leaked’

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Another day, another Super Bowl commercial released on the Internet.


Matthew Broderick Lives Vicariously Through Ferris Bueller In Honda’s New Super Bowl Ad

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For whatever reason, I've always loved Ferris Bueller and never really cared for Matthew Broderick.


How To Make A Super Bowl Commercial, From The Masters Of Making Sh*tty Things (Updated)

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And when all else fails, just reference Star Wars, whether it fits your product or not.

#Star Wars

Everyone Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad Teaser

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I’ve never quite understood why companies still pay upwards of $3.


Thank You, Skechers

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The USA Today is now the clear frontrunner for the 2012 Happiest Story of the Year award, with today's report that Skechers has dropped Kim Kardashian from its Super Bowl ad in favor of a French bulldog.


Why Jay-Z Did What He Did

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"I just think in Hip-Hop, when a trend becomes a gimmick, it's time to move on.

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