carnival cruises

Creationists Are Pissed Off About Carnival Cruises’ ‘Come Back To The Sea’ Ad

By | 38 Comments

Will Creationists be boycotting Carnival Cruises after this evolution-themed new commercial?


That McDonald’s ‘Pay It With Lovin’ Campaign Is Already Backfiring

By | 41 Comments

If true, this story demonstrates just one of the possible things that could go wrong with McDonald's 'Pay it with Lovin' campaign.

Clash of Clans

Liam Neeson Will Not Be Messed With In The Clash Of Clans Super Bowl Ad

By | 5 Comments

Liam Neeson reminds us all that he can grumble threats better than anyone in the big Super Bowl spot for the beloved freemium game.

drugs are bad

If You Thought Nationwide’s Super Bowl Ad Was Depressing, Check Out This ‘Heroin Epidemic’ Spot From St. Louis

By | 15 Comments

The NCADA aired a strangely upbeat commercial about a mom losing her son to heroin so it will create a conversation.


That Sledgehammer Lawyer From The 2014 Super Bowl Is Back With A Vengeance


Sledgehammer-wielding lawyer Jamie Casino was back at this year's Super Bowl with an epic new commercial.


B.J. Novak Had The Best Response To Mindy Kaling’s Nationwide Commercial

By | 8 Comments

B.J. Novak had the most adorable and sappy tweet about Mindy Kaling's Nationwide Super Bowl commercial.

Nationwide kid

Nationwide Issues A Statement About Their ‘Dead Kid’ Ad, Isn’t Sorry For Being A Buzzkill

By | 29 Comments

Nationwide issues an official statement after the social media response to their somber ad featuring a dead child.

Heroes: Reborn

The Man With The Horn-Rimmed Glasses Is Back In The New ‘Heroes Reborn’ Teaser

By | 9 Comments

Jack Coleman is back as HRG and he's joined by Zachary Levi in the first teaser for NBC's 'Heroes Reborn' miniseries.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s Esurance Super Bowl Commercial Was… Pretty Good, Actually?

By | 10 Comments

Lindsay Lohan pulled off making fun of herself really well in her Esurance Super Bowl commercial.

Nationwide kid

Twitter Reacted Hilariously To Nationwide’s Dead Kid Super Bowl Commercial

By | 48 Comments

Most of the Super Bowl commercials brought the funny, but Nationwide tried a different strategy and Twitter reacted strongly.


WWE’s Version Of The #LikeAGirl Super Bowl Commercial Is Empowering (Just Don’t Read The Comments)

By | 117 Comments

WWE had the women of NXT do their own version of the Always #LikeAGirl commercial and the results are powerful, but don't ask YouTube.


This Sappy McDonald’s Super Bowl Commercial Says You Can Pay For Your Burgers ‘With Love’

By | 4 Comments

McDonald's is trying to bring the feels with this ridiculous Super Bowl commercial that says you can 'pay with love.'


Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman Are Starring In A T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial Together

By | 9 Comments

Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman are starring in a T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial together and we have a behind the scenes sneak peek!


A Rundown Of All Of The Movie Trailers You’ll See During The Super Bowl

By | 6 Comments

Along with ads for every product and car under the sun, there will be plenty of movie trailers during Super Bowl XLIX.


Check Out Danny Trejo’s Totally Badass Snickers Super Bowl Commercial

By | 6 Comments

Danny Trejo stars as a very grumpy Marcia Brady in the full Snickers Super Bowl ad.


Pierce Brosnan Can’t Escape His 007 Past In The Kia Sorento Super Bowl Ad

By | 2 Comments

Kia's new commercial for Super Bowl XLIX has Pierce Brosnan reimagining a simple car commercial as an explosive action thriller.


Here’s The Sequel To Last Year’s Adorable Budweiser Super Bowl Puppy Commercial

By | 9 Comments

The sequel to last year's Budweiser 'Puppy Love' Super Bowl commercial is here and it will almost definitely make you cry.


What’s On Tonight: The British Are Coming On ‘Sons Of Liberty’

By | 3 Comments

A history lesson on the American Revolution and an hour's worth of Budweiser puppies are tonight's highlights.

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