Someone Has Already Gotten A Dancing ‘Left Shark’ Super Bowl Halftime Show Tattoo

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If there's a better idea than getting a short-lived internet meme permanently tattooed on your body, we sure can't think of it.

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‘I Think It’s A F*cking Puppet': Jon Stewart And Martin Short Debate Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Tiger

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Jon Stewart and Martin Short got down to business to figure out what WAS going on with Katy Perry's Super Bowl tiger.


Did Katy Perry Make A Subtle Jab At Taylor Swift During Her Halftime Show?

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We think Katy Perry was DEFINITELY making a jab at Taylor Swift with these backup dancers.

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Katy Perry’s Surprise Super Bowl Halftime Guest Is Reportedly… Missy Elliott!

By | 12 Comments

Missy Elliott will make an appearance during Katy Perry's much-hyped Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday.


Katy Perry Is The Perfect Super Bowl Halftime Show Performer. Here’s Why.

By | 34 Comments

We can think of some reasons why we're looking forward to watching Katy Perry during the Super Bowl Halftime Show...


Sports On TV: The Simpsons’ 20 Greatest Golden Age Sports Moments

By | 87 Comments

It's impossible to overstate the brilliance and cultural impact of 'The Simpsons'.


David Lee Roth's Open Letter About Playing The Super Bowl Is A Thing Of Beauty

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I guess I haven’t been paying enough attention to NFL news, because apparently there was a rumor going around that Van Halen – the David Lee Roth Van Halen and not one of the other guys – was already locked in as the halftime act for Super Bowl 47 in New Orleans.

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