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Super Bowl To Forsake Tradition Of Roman Numerals For One Year


All Roman numerals got left are Wrestlemanias and movie copyright dates.


San Francisco Is (Not Surprisingly) The Frontrunner To Host Super Bowl 50


With the San Francisco 49ers’ new Levi’s Stadium, by all accounts, set to become the world’s greatest sports venue – sorry, Clearwater Hooters – it’s a given that it will be the home to the NFL’s grandest celebration of the league’s unparalleled success, Super Bowl L.


The Miami Dolphins Would Like To Play Football On An Aircraft Carrier


Thanks to Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria basically tricking Miami-Dade County into giving him a ton of cash for a stadium that literally everyone not involved in the funding process knew was a horrible idea, the Miami Dolphins were unable to secure a considerably smaller amount of public funds to renovate Sun Life Stadium.

xmas ape

San Francisco Still Thinks Everyone Is Impressed With iPads


San Francisco is making its final push to host Super Bowl L in 2016.


Seattle Would Really Like To Host A Super Bowl, Please And Thank You


Of all the ideas that ESPN “Listen to me about everything” guru Bill Simmons has had, the one that has always made the most sense is that the Super Bowl should be hosted on a rotating basis with just cities like Miami, San Diego and New Orleans receiving the honor, because those are fun cities.


First World Problems: NFL Worried About Glee’s Influence On Roman Numerals


Unless I can't figure out how to get Ghorbash the Iron Hand to follow me through a ruin in Skyrim without bugging out and getting lost in the walls, this is the least important problem you'll read about today: the NFL and Nike are concerned that if they use the Roman numeral "L" to represent the number 50 in 2016's Super Bowl 50, people will think the Super Bowl and Nike mean "loser".

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