West Coast Football Brunch

Foodball: Roasted Mezcal Bloody Marys


The Football Foodie is dead, long live Foodball.

Super Bowl Recipe

Super Bowl Recipe Month: Designated Driver Drinks And The Football Foodie Year In Review


Super Bowl Recipe Month: Designated Driver Drinks, Vegetarian Options And The Football Foodie Year In Review

Super Bowl Recipe

Super Bowl Eating And Partying Roundtable With Guests Albert Burneko of Deadspin and Spilly from SB Nation


Via LA Weekly Since there is a pretty small pool of people who talk about football and food on a regular basis, I thought I'd invite a few friends over to discuss Super Bowl snack planning, stadium eating, parties and regional San Francisco/Baltimore/New Orleans cuisine.

Super Bowl Recipe

Super Bowl Recipe Month: Cajun Seasoned Sausage Rolls And Deep Dish Pizza


We've nearly reached the end of Super Bowl Recipe Month here at KSK, so hopefully by now you've come up with some semblance of a plan for this Sunday's game.

Super Bowl Recipe

Super Bowl Recipe Month: Dip Spectacular!


You may not make a single snack all season for football, slogging through bags of Bugles and Pirate Booty, but you're probably going to make a dip for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Recipe

Super Bowl Recipe Month: Shrimp Rolls


Even though I'm not a huge lobster fan, but I do enjoy a nice lobster roll with a beer and a game and lobster rolls have been on the master list of Football Foodie posting ideas for at least two or three years now.

Super Bowl Recipe

Super Bowl Recipe Month: Arayes, Quesadilla’s Delicious Middle Eastern Cousin


You watch enough football, you go to enough bars, at this point you've probably had your fill of quesadillas.


Super Bowl Recipe Month: Throwback Week


Around the playoffs and leading up to the Super Bowl, we start seeing and hearing more of the old NFL Films highlight reels from the '60s and '70s.

Super Bowl Recipe

Super Bowl Recipe Month: White Chicken Chili and Deli Chopped Salad


It's hard to admit, but I'm a little jealous of Ufford's Twenty Reasons To Hate The Redskins post and everyone else that gets to have the fiery-hot irrational hate against rival playoff teams this weekend.

Super Bowl Recipe

Tart Cranberry Deviled Eggs: Football Foodie Holiday Snacks


I can't put my finger on the exact date, but sometime during the Great Craft Cocktails and Brown Liquor Resurgence of the past five or six -- maybe even seven, we've all been drinking so much it's difficult to remember -- years hard-boiled eggs and deviled eggs made a comeback, especially at bars that served craft cocktails and brown liquor.

Super Bowl Recipe

Kung Pao Chicken Egg Rolls: Football Foodie Hearty Snacks


About this time of year, among all the holiday baking, I start to think about what sort of food I want to have during the playoffs and for the bigger bowl games.

Super Bowl Recipe

Peter King Shrimp for Allagash White: Football Foodie Matchups


Awhile back a reader asked if I could post a recipe that would pair with Peter King's beloved Allagash White, the craft Belgiam-style white ale.

Super Bowl Recipe

Scacciata – Stromboli’s and Calzone’s Sicilian Cousin: A Football Foodie Full Game Day


Team bye weeks ended last weekend, but because of the extended Thanksgiving schedule of Thursday games, this will be the first weekend in two months we'll have the complete slate to watch on Sunday.

Super Bowl Recipe

Tapatio Lemon Chips, Thanksgiving Leftovers and Pimento Cheese: Football Foodie Shortcuts


If it's Friday and this post is going up, it's safe to assume neither me nor my husband killed anyone during the Thanksgiving feast -- thank you Patriots blowout for being there during a stone cold thirty minute silence between us and a family member we're not talking to.

Super Bowl Recipe

Roasted Butternut Squash Sage Dip and Savory Mushroom Pithiviers: Football Foodie Thanksgiving


One of the more infuriating parts of watching the Dolphins-Bills game last night -- aside of the fact Miami couldn't get anything going after a few impressive defensive stands -- was the NFL Network continually reminding people that their brand of Thursday Night Football would return in two weeks.

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