Let’s All Sue The NFL

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The latest fiascoes with Super Bowl XLV have perfectly validated my point that there's absolutely no redeeming aspect of attending live sporting events any more.


Guy Who Never Missed The Super Bowl Missed The Super Bowl

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Wisconsin's own Bob Cook--one of the famous four dudes who claimed to have never missed a Super Bowl (not pictured)--missed Sunday's Super Bowl due to illness.

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People Are Torn Over Christina Aguilera

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In the wake of flubbing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, Christina Aguilera has received a great deal of both criticism and sympathy.


2.8 The Cooler

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How Close Was Rashard Mendenhall To Super Bowl MVP?

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There's only one rabbit that I'm really interested in hunting after Super Bowl XLV, and that's the question of who would have won the MVP if the Pittsburgh Steelers had come from behind in the second half to win the game.


We Ranked Every Super Bowl XLV Commercial

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It was a mixed bag for Super Bowl ads this year.


Your NFL Recap: Super Bowl XLV

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The end of the football season stings a little more for most fans than the normal climax.


Christina Aguilera Forgot Some Lyrics

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Christina Aguilera has been through a lot lately, what with her highly publicized divorce from Jordan Bratman.


Alex Rodriguez Was At The Super Bowl

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Among other highlights from last night's Super Bowl, Fox made sure that we were repeatedly aware that there were some pretty big stars in attendance.


Packers Win Super Bowl With 3 Turnovers

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The Packers have one for the pinky.


Phil Simms Is An Angry Dude

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While interacting with his fans at the NFL Xperience in Dallas, Desmond Howard was confronted by an irate Phil Simms, who has been holding an apparent grudge against Howard since he called Phil's son, Matt Simms, one of the three worst quarterbacks in the SEC.


Michael Bloomberg Is A Steelers Fan


Actually, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is a New York Jets fan, but he lost a bet with Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl when the Steelers defeated the Jets in the AFC Championship.


Lil Wayne Is A Packer Backer


Rapper Lil Wayne - or Lil Weezy, as I call him when we're knitting - is the latest person to jump on the Wiz Khalifa "Black and Yellow" rewrite bandwagon.


Here Are Some More Super Bowl Ads


Above is yet another leaked Super Bowl ad for Volkswagen, which seems to be hellbent on getting us to buy their wonderful cars this year.


Packers Move Into High School Digs

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While we know that the sportswriters are flipping out over the cold, not many people are talking about how the players have dealt with it.


Super Bowl Guy Missed Adoption Once Because Of The Big Game

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A couple people have sent me this item on Larry Jacobson, the 71-year-old "Never Miss A Super Bowl Club member who told an interesting story about how the Big Game helped shape his family life.

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Place Your Bets: The TSS x Super Bowl XLV Prop Picks

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Art by Anthoniaa One of the biggest reasons casual fans enjoy the Super Bowl besides the commercials is the prop bets.

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