M.I.A. Called Her Super Bowl Middle Finger A ‘Punk Rock’ Display Of Female Empowerment

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In a video response to the NFL's lawsuit, rapper M.I.A. said that Madonna's teenage cheerleaders were far more offensive than her own middle finger.


M.I.A. Threatens To Expose The NFL For Its Hypocrisies Over The Middle Finger Lawsuit

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While most people will forever remember Super Bowl XLVI as that time that the New England Patriots still couldn't beat the New York Giants, a few people out there still might talk about it as that time that <a href="" target="_blank">rapper M.I.A. flipped off the camera and mouthed “I don’t give a sh*t.”</a> Actually, those people do exist and they’re lawyers, because the NFL and M.


Victor Cruz Is The New King Of New York

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Since defeating the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XLVI last Sunday, the New York Giants have been celebrating like there’s no tomorrow.


ROFLMNBAO: This Week’s NBA In Pictures – Musical Edition!

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It's hard to deny that there wasn't New York fever this week, between the Giants winning the Super Bowl on Sunday and the Knicks winning three in a row thanks to the out-of-nowhere excitement provided by guard Jeremy Lin.

Liquor Store Mascot 2: Patron & Instrumentals

Playboy Tre – “Patron & Instrumentals” Video

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It only takes a whiff of alcohol for <a href="">Treboy</a> to get to zoning on his pen and pad and when tequila's on the menu, he's bound to offer up a piece of his soul.


Joey Barton Wasn’t Too Thrilled With David Beckham’s Super Bowl Ad

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While it wasn’t as good as the Doritos commercial with the dog killing cats and bribing his owner, the H&M underwear commercial (after the jump, ladies) starring David Beckham caused quite the stir for its bulginess and rippling abs… or so I was told, because I was totally checking my phone or peeing or outside grilling steaks, bro.


Event Recap: NY Giants Super Bowl XLVI Victory Celebration

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Funny how a simple game of football can transform downtown Manhattan and the Meadowlands into a ruckus party zone.


Beatboxing Baby Is A Scam! (And Morning Links)


The best part of this is the "this isn't real, someone is moving the baby's chin" "of course it's fake but it's still a funny movie.


The Maria Menounos Super Bowl Bikini Bet: A Retrospective

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What you need to know, from the <a href="" target="_blank">New York Daily News</a>: The 33-year-old "Extra" correspondent found herself on the losing end of a bet against her colleague A.


Soccer Cat Hates Soccer (and Morning Links)


via <a href="" target="_blank">OTBS</a>.


‘Clearly, God Favors The Giants': A Super Bowl XLVI Recap From The Only News Team That Matters


I don't want to spoil too many of Next Media Animation's insane, theological recap of Super Bowl XLVI, so check out the video after the jump.


Darren Rovell Is A Gentleman And The Best Of The Playboy Super Bowl Party

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Back when I was the editor of my student newspaper in college, I drew the ire and attention of the local chapter of the National Organization of Women after I wrote a harmless entertainment editorial about how the James Bond franchise should be celebrated for creating empowering characters in the Bond girls.


The New York Giants And Kate Upton Won Super Bowl XLVI

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By defeating the New England Patriots 21-17 last night in Indianapolis, the New York Giants are the Super Bowl XLVI Champions.

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M.I.A. Flips The Bird During Super Bowl Halftime Performance

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In case you were on refreshment refill run and missed it, Madonna performed a gladiator-influenced set during the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show.


Talk About The Super Bowl Live Right Now @ KSK


Our friends at Kissing Suzy Kobler are Tom Brady's photoshopped balls-deep in a <a href="" target="_blank">Super Bowl open discussion thread</a>, so if you're the type who likes football, head over and shoot the sh*t with them.


Hey Guys, Madonna’s Just Like Us, Y’All

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In case you were trying to block it out of your mind, or if you have simply pretended that the Super Bowl hasn’t had a halftime show since 2004, Madonna is performing a 12-minute set at Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday.

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