The Patriots’ Chandler Jones Challenges His Brother, UFC Champ Jon Jones, To A Fight


New England Patriot defensive end and Super Bowl champion Chandler Jones is calling out his own flesh and blood, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones.


The Dancing Sharks From Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Get A SportsCenter Commercial


The Left Shark, a meme that will define a generation, gets its own SportsCenter commercial.


Watch Pete Carroll Scream ‘OH NO’ At Malcolm Butler’s Game-Winning Interception

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Pete Carroll's reaction is the reaction everyone else in the world had at the exact same time.

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‘I Think It’s A F*cking Puppet': Jon Stewart And Martin Short Debate Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Tiger

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Jon Stewart and Martin Short got down to business to figure out what WAS going on with Katy Perry's Super Bowl tiger.


What You Should Know From The Triple H/Stone Cold Podcast: Roman Reigns, NXT, And Super Bowl Play Calling

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Did you miss Triple H's appearance on Stone Cold Steve Austin's latest podcast? Here's a rundown of what they talked about.

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Watch Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, And Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Photobomb People At The Super Bowl

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Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, And Jimmy Fallon photobombed people on the NBC Super Bowl Red Carpet in Phoenix.


Here’s The Adorable Photo Paul Walker’s Daughter Posted After The ‘Furious 7′ Super Bowl Trailer Aired

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How weird it must be for Meadow Walker to continue seeing her late father show up on her television screen.

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Keith Olbermann Takes Pete Carroll To The Woodshed For The ‘Dumbest Super Bowl Loss Ever’

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Just when you thought you'd heard every criticism of the Seahawks under the sun, Keith Olbermann calls for the Seahawks to BLOW. IT. UP.


That Sledgehammer Lawyer From The 2014 Super Bowl Is Back With A Vengeance


Sledgehammer-wielding lawyer Jamie Casino was back at this year's Super Bowl with an epic new commercial.


50 Questions About The Dancing Sharks From Katy Perry’s Halftime Show

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Katy Perry took the stage at the Super Bowl halftime show with two dancing sharks. Understandably, we have a few questions.


Stephanie McMahon And Joel McHale Ran Smack At Each Other Via Twitter At The Super Bowl

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Forget the football game, there was an epic WWE/Community showdown happening in the stands!

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Lindsay Lohan’s Esurance Super Bowl Commercial Was… Pretty Good, Actually?

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Lindsay Lohan pulled off making fun of herself really well in her Esurance Super Bowl commercial.


Katy Perry Got A Tattoo To Commemorate The Super Bowl Halftime Show

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Katy Perry doesn't scrapbook when she wants to remember something, she gets some ink and that's what she did for the Super Bowl.


Mark Wahlberg And His Bear Try To Steal Tom Brady’s Essence In The ‘Ted 2′ Super Bowl Trailer

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Tom Brady was a winner in two respects last night, taking home another Super Bowl and starring in a new 'Ted 2' trailer.

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