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The Super Mario Bros Learn The Hard Way Why You Shouldn’t Break Blocks With Your Head


When things get a little too real for the Super Mario Bros in the Mushroom Kingdom, thanks to Pete Holmes.


This Instrument You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Was Made For The ‘Super Mario Bros’ Theme


Today we learned there's a reed instrument called a Sheng. We also learned it's an instrument perfectly suited to play the 'Super Mario Bros.' theme.

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6 Reasons Nintendo Needs To Take A Break From Mario

By | 66 Comments

Could taking a year off from making Mario games actually benefit Nintendo?


‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Dong Nguyen Gives An Interview As Strange As His Game Was

By | 10 Comments

'Flappy Bird' creator says he removed the game because it was "an addictive product". (Plus our favorite 'Flappy Bird' parodies)


This Super Mario Bros. Baby Announcement Changes The Game For Expecting Couples

By | 6 Comments

Taking baby announcements to a whole new level, this Super Mario Bros. GIF raises the creative bar for your Facebook friends and their Prego jars.


Move Over, T-Rex, The Clemson Tigers Marching Band Made Goombas In A Nintendo Tribute

By | 9 Comments

Mushrooms, bloopers, Triforces and more appear in the Clemson Tigers marching band's tribute to Nintendo, from Thursday's game against Georgia Tech.

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J.J. Barea Accompanied By Super Mario Bros. “Invincibility” Music


Widdle 'Wolves guard J.J. Barea is an NBA champion, and used to date a former Miss Universe, so he's got a good life.

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Super Mario Bros. Parkour


If you think parkour is exciting, just wait until you see Mario and Luigi do it.

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An Ode To Instructions: Why I’ll Miss Video Game Manuals

By | 31 Comments

Let's take a moment to reminisce before the video game manual is no more...


The Mushroom Kingdom Needs You In These Super Mario Propaganda Posters

By | 3 Comments

These WWII-style Mario propaganda posters envision a world where Bowser has to drum up support for his endless war against Mario, the red menace.

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Free ‘Sorry Mario Bros’ Game: The Princess Is In Another Castle (Because She’s Saving Herself)

By | 4 Comments

'Sorry Mario Bros' is a free game that lets Princess Peach make her own escape through three 'Super Mario Bros' levels scrolling from left to right.

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Free Online ‘Super Mario Bros. Crossover’ Game Now Brings Japan-Only Mario Game To America

By | 4 Comments

'Super Mario Bros. Crossover' added every level from Japan-only Mario game 'SMB Special'. There goes our weekend.

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Celebrating 20 Years Of Awful Video Game Movies

By | 73 Comments

This week marks 20 years since the very first video game movie adaptation was released in theaters.

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A Brief, Random History Of My Mom The Gamer

By | 15 Comments

In honor of Mother's Day, it's time to celebrate our moms' gaming careers...

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Giant Homemade Fire-Breathing ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Piranha Plant


Caleb Kraft built a six-foot-tall, fire-breathing piranha plant just like the ones in the 'Mario' video game series.

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Disney Star Wars, Super Mario Busters, And Other Mashups

By | 2 Comments

Featured mashup videos of the week, including Disney's 'Star Wars', 'Man Of Steel' the animated series, Super Mario Busters, and a 'Game Of Thrones' sitcom.


Super Mario Busters 2


The wildly popular animated Super Mario Bros.


16 Awesomely Bad Movies Available On YouTube Right Now

By | 47 Comments

The Internet nearly exploded with nerdy joy when Hulu made the Criterion Collection available for free last weekend.

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Yoda Has Big Football Dreams (And Other Mashups)


Featured mashup videos of the week, including Conan O'Brien's spinoff Yoda movie, 'Game of Thrones' meets 'Big Bang Theory', and more.

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