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Dead Princess Peach Fan Art Is A Thing That Exists

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If you're like me, you've been killed by a Spiny on level 4 of Super Mario Bros.

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Kofi Kingston Talks His 10 Favorite Video Games (Plus His Pick for a Movie Version of Master Chief)

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Unlike the Kitana-costume-donning AJ Lee, whose <a href="" target="_blank">10 most beloved video games were featured on Monday</a>, Kofi Kingston hasn't made any big shout-outs to gaming culture on WWE programming.


AJ Lee Waxes on Her 10 Favorite Video Games (Also, CM Punk Thinks He’s Solid Snake)

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For anyone who has harbored skepticism about the earnestness of AJ Lee's love for video games (a medium that the Diva has repeatedly raved about), the October 31, 2011 edition of Monday Night Raw busted the hell out of that myth.


And Now, Super Marion Bros.

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Swing your arms from side to side, come on, it's time to go, do the Marion.

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Title Scream Takes Us Back To The Golden Age Of Video Games

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When Rock Star Games began re-releasing classic video game titles like Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto 3, among others, for the iPad, I actually felt my age.


Not Even Nintendo Knows When 'Super Mario Bros.' Came Out


Gamasutra recently posted one of the most hilarious articles you'll ever read about video game history: a lengthy, detailed, time-consuming, and ultimately completely futile quest to determine what day, exactly, "Super Mario Bros.

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The Smiths + Nintendo's 'Super Mario Brothers' = 'Super Morrissey Bros.'


I'm not sure what's going on here, but The Smiths seem to be enjoying some sort of rediscovery by the internet of late.


So The Super Mario Porn Actually Does Exist


<a href=""></a>The image at right is infamous on the Internet, but most people thought it was a Photoshop, or a joke, but it's not.


Six Seasons And A Movie Of Morning Links

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Links NBC ‘Fixes’ Schedule by Removing ‘Community’ - I can't wait for them to cancel 'Parks and Recreation' to replace it with something stupid about a single woman in the big city trying to balance a relationship and a career.

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Morning Links: Kate Upton Kate Upton Kate Upton Kate Upton

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Yesterday was a strong day of traffic at With Leather thanks to an appearance by Kate Upton playing baseball in little shorts.


Morning Links: Bunch of Crazy People


And Magic Johnson, who was awesome.

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Bob Hoskins Hates “Super Mario Bros.” More Than Anyone?


"Super Mario Brothers" is one of the biggest train wrecks in modern Hollywood.


It’s-a Me, Ice Skating Mario!

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The ISU World Figure Skating Championships took place in Moscow over the past weekend, but you already knew that because I assume we were all watching it with breathless anticipation.

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