Conan Manages To Turn The Tables On The Celebrity Nude Photo Leak Hacker

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Conan hired his own team of computer experts to give the celebrity photo hacker a taste of his own medicine. The results are horrifying.


Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg Are Adapting A Book About The Sega Vs. Nintendo Console Wars

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Finally a movie you can show your kid when he says "What's a Sega Genesis?" instead of smacking him up the head.


This A Capella Version Of The Theme From ‘Zelda: A Link To The Past’ Is Amazing

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YouTube user and music artist Smooth McGroove's latest a capella video game theme is the overworld song from Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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Jigga My Trigga: Hear A Mashup Of 'Chrono Trigger' SNES Soundtrack And Jay-Z

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Listen to a mashup of the soundtrack to the Super Nintendo game "Chrono Trigger" with Jay-Z songs called "Chrono Jigga."

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Why Didn't We Listen?! Local Newscast From The 90s Exposes The Heartbreak Of 'Nintenpendence'

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All of society's ills can preeetty much be blamed on the Super Nintendo...

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Which Nintendo Console Launch Is The Best? An Overly Elaborate Analysis

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Yesterday Nintendo laid out their Wii U launch plans in detail. How's it stack up against it's past console launches?

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