A Supercut Of The Idiotic Questions Actresses Get Asked On The Red Carpet

By | 24 Comments

Press tour interviewers say the darndest things, the supercut.

#Parks And Recreation

Treat Yo’ Self By Watching This ‘Parks and Recreation’ Supercut Honoring Ben Wyatt’s Butt


Relive all the 'Parks and Rec' Ben booty moments, including when Leslie dubs it "a butt so perfect it could make an angel hang itself."


Here’s Every Time Carl Sagan Said Millions, Billions, Or Trillions On ‘Cosmos’ In One Trippy Supercut

By | 2 Comments

Someone edited every time that Carl Sagan says, 'millions, billions, and trillions' on 'Cosmos' into one trippy supercut.


Making Michael Bay Proud: A Supercut Of Movie Explosions


Sometimes, you just want to sit back and watch a compilation of epic movie explosions.

#The Interview

Since You May Not Get To See Kim Jong-Un Get Assassinated In ‘The Interview,’ You Can In This Video

By | 15 Comments

If you watch this tacky mash-up of Kim Jong-un assassinations, the terrorists don't win.


Final Cut 2014 Squeezes 330 Films Into One Glorious Supercut

By | 7 Comments

This supercut combines 330 films, and you bet your ass it includes "Awesome Mix."


Necessary ‘Seinfeld’ Supercut: Over Three Minutes Of Kramer Stealing Jerry’s Food

By | 2 Comments

A supercut of Kramer stealing Jerry's food on "Seinfeld." It's beautiful.

#Video Games

Having Fun Doing Nothing: Check Out This Ode To Video Game Idle Animations

By | 3 Comments

Relive some of the best moments from when you weren't playing your favorite games.


Enjoy This Supercut Of Professor X Being A Complete Goober In The ‘X-Men’ Animated Series

By | 9 Comments

Professor X doesn't let his disabilities get him down -- well, except for in the 90s cartoon.


The ‘Let Her Go!’ Supercut Takes On The Action Movie’s Favorite Phrase

By | 4 Comments

Has your wife been kidnapped by a bad guy? Let this "Let Her Go!" supercut cheer you up.


Watch This Amazing Kubrick Tribute Video ‘Stanley Kubrick’s Poetry’

By | 3 Comments

Why pay all that money for film classes when you can just watch this video instead?


This Supercut Of Wu-Tang Clan As Sung By The Movies Ain’t Nuthing Ta F*ck Wit

By | 8 Comments

This supercut of great Hollywood films singing Wu Tang Clan's "Ain't Nuthin ta F*ck Wit" is pure genius.


Witness Edgar Wright’s Mastery Of The Closeup In This New Mini-Supercut

By | 10 Comments

Edgar Wright does awesome close-ups the way your mother does bikers, and we have proof.


Wanna Watch A Supercut Of Every Robot Movie Ever? Of Course You Do!

By | 8 Comments

Seriously, what else are you gonna do? Watch another celebrity do the ice bucket challenge?

Let’s Revisit The Luigi Death Stare Meme For More GIFs And A ‘Kids React’ Video

By | 5 Comments

We're checking in on the Luigi Death Stare meme because there are some new ones and The Fine Brothers have just made a "kids react" video.


This Mystique Supercut Reminds Us Why Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn Are The Best

By | 2 Comments

To prepare for 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past', here's a supercut of all of Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn's Mystique transformations.


'It's Vegas, Baby!' Is The Ultimate Las Vegas Movie Supercut

By | 3 Comments

Celebrate Hollywood's love affair with Las Vegas as an easy plot device in this incredible movie supercut.


Friday Free-For-All: Here's A Mash-Up Of The Many Ways Kim Coates Has Died

By | 16 Comments

Kim Coates plays characters that usually end up dying. Here's a mashup of some of those awesome and hilariously bad deaths.


Here’s The Frank Underwood Supercut You Need Before Watching Season 2 Of ‘House Of Cards’

By | 4 Comments

Watch Frank Underwood in 'House of Cards' break all sorts of 4th wall in this Supercut.

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