Michelle Rodriguez Clarified Her Comments On ‘Minority Superheroes’ With This Apology

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Michelle Rodriguez took to Facebook to clarify and apologize for her comments on minority superheroes.


Watch A Six-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Get Surprised With A Superhero Bedroom


Kaiden is dealing with bone cancer, but thanks to a Wisconsin charity, he won't have to do it alone.


Watch Jude Law Explain Why He Turned Down The Offer To Play Superman

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The 'Sherlock Holmes' star wasn't interested in comic book movies at the time, but oh boy, he's had a change of heart *now*.


A French Hospital Is Under Fire For A Mural That Features A Superhero Gang Rape

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Someone altered a superhero gang bang mural in a French hospital to make it look like a gang rape in protest of recent health laws.


The Patriots’ Vince Wilfork Pulled A Woman From An Overturned Vehicle Following The AFC Championship Game

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Following his team's 45-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday evening that earned them a trip to the Super Bowl, Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork came upon an overturned vehicle on the road and stopped to intervene.

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Paul Thomas Anderson Digs Superhero Movies, Your Argument Is Invalid

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The 'Inherent Vice' director wants you to know exactly what he thinks about the quality of comic book movies.


Whoa. Keanu Reeves Wanted To Play Batman And Wolverine.

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Keanu Reeves just pitched the best summer movie, whether he realizes it or not.

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Here’s A Superhero Thing That’s Not Actually Terrible, Possibly Educational

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Downtown Books has a license to print DC comics as children's books that aren't horribly sexist.


Five Superheroes Who’d Be Much Happier In Different Careers

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Some superheroes need to quit the whole "justice" thing and pursue a better career. Like these five, for example.


The DC Bombshells Imitate Classic Pin-Ups In These Clever Variant Covers

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The female superheroines and villains of the DC Bombshells line are being featured on these WWII pin-up style variant covers.


Neighborhood Watch Signs Get Upgraded With Pop Culture Crimefighters

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Andrew Lamb creatively alters old neighborhood watch signs with pictures of pop culture heroes keeping watch for us.


Will There Be A Superhero Movie Crash?

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Are superhero movies headed for a crash? Not really, but changing economics might do them in.

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9 Superhero Movies From The '90s That Need A Reboot (And One That Doesn't)

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The '90s gave us some unique superhero movies. Here are a few that should come back.


The Hulk Doesn’t Have A Penis Plus 6 Other Little-Known Superhero Facts Revealed

By | 3 Comments

Little know facts about DC and Marvel superheroes that can be used to impress your friends. Or prove your a comic nerd to your friends. One of those two.


20 Awesome Facts You Might Not Know About ‘Darkman’

By | 20 Comments

Here's everything you never knew about Sam Raimi's underrated superhero/horror mash-up 'Darkman'.


Antonio’s Superhero Trailer And Jaimie Alexander’s Children’s Hospital Visit Will Make You Feel Warm & Fuzzy

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Feeling a little down on humanity after Black Friday? Jaimie Alexander and five-year-old Antonio are here to make you feel better...


Superheroes Get The Classic Art Treatment In Worth 1000’s ‘Superhero ModRen’

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We've collected our favorites from 'Superhero ModRen', Worth 1000's long-running contest in which members photoshop superheroes into iconic art works.


5 R-Rated Superhero Movies Studios Should Make Immediately (But Won’t)

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There are many PG-13 superhero movies; it's time for one that earns an R-rating. Here are five suggestions.


What If Superheroes Had Part Time Jobs? This Adorable Art Has The Answer.

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Chow Hon Lam's funny "Part Time Jobs" series imagines what would happen if superheroes had part time jobs suited to their special powers.


A Photoshop Maestro Turned This Squirrel Into All Of Your Favorite Superheroes

By | 2 Comments

Spanish artist Santiago Perez turned one heroic-looking squirrel into popular superheroes using Photoshop.

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